Thursday, May 23, 2013

Teaching practice: of camping in school

assalamualaikum. sorry for the messy language.

hujung minggu lalu sekolah ada perkhemahan agung unit beruniform. ntah kenapa, kena sampuk penyakit rajin, terus stay 3 hari 2 malam di sekolah. tidur merata-rata is not a big deal for an adventurous wanita bujang like me. ada nada memuji diri sendiri di situ.

surprisingly i was given a slot of senamrobic...maybe i look like someone who can workout. well come to think of it, i'm kinda addicted in working out lately. i yang kurus...makin kurus. 

memandangkan i'm quite clueless, without any manual on how to instruct the senamrobic thingy so i ended up mixing everything up from senamrobic, to zumba, to awkward moves to hantam saja laaa. the most important thing i tried my best eventho.... i might look like perempuan saiko up there. 

if i say i had so much fun all the time then that will be a total lie. i'm a grumpy cat too. but let's just leave those upset little incidents. it's a minor case, so yeah, let's focus on the major bright and happy side. lagi satu, time camping ni la bole nampak siapa yang manja, penakut, demand ala-ala ratu, panas baran. haha... biasalah, i pun boleh tiba-tiba bertukar. lagikan budak-budak ni yang stress berkhemah di padang tu.

anyway, kudos to all the unit. i felt so proud looking at the performances during malam kebudayaan. walaupun ada group yang kinda reluctant to do the given task, but they still tried their best. not being bias to girls' scout, but i know dikir barat is a bit troublesome for feminine creature to do. but after consoling session and practices, they managed to complete their dikir barat excellently. ni dikir barat versi ayu sikit. to the other groups... thank you for the great time, excellent performances filled with humour and messages.

lastly, during the closing ceremony, i managed to complete a video of photos' compilation. alaa video sorotan program la, malas mau google apa bahasa inggerisnya. hewhew. just a simple thing to refresh and leave a good memory to the students. nda la bawa kenangan pahit ja. 

i made great memories with my colleague, the students, and the school itself. to those who want the pictures and videos, you could take it from me.

Ala mengakula.... miss belum mandi kan. =_=

perkhemahan, done! hari guru, done! yang ni nanti-nanti la kita cerita. semak paper, done! now, holiday! happy holiday everyone. till then...

p/s: lagu aku suka dia by ainan tasneem will never be the same again, thanks to the kadet polis. hahaha. 


Aemy Nadira said...

hi Anne,

best pula jadi teacher kan. i should've assigned in teaching at the 1st place. ohhh who am i to question the fate. hahaha. have a great moment. ;)

with love,

Mi said...

Hello ! :D you was tagged by me for The Versatile Award!Congrats !! Would you like to come check it out ?
Thank you! have a great day :)

SimplySeoul said...

Aemy: hai aemy, tp sakit menghadap cabarannya tu Tuhan ja faham. lain sekolah, lain murid lagi, bebeza tanggungjawabnya. ble over stress kadang2. xpa aemy, Allah lebih mengetahui perjalanan mu yang.

Mi: :) ok dear.. will visit u soon.