Thursday, July 04, 2013

Teaching practice: the drama


what a long hiatus from blogging.

i always have the urge to write before the day ended, it's just with all the workload, time constraint, thesis and everything makes blogging totally out from my to-do list.

anyhow, i just have to blog about this one... the drama presentation of 2 siti aisyah! it's always one of my goal to hold a drama presentation in my class. not a grand one where everyone looks so professional, sounds like a theater actress, perfect lines and expression. enough with efforts and enthusiasm.

i'm afraid that they will feel so timid, shy, you know.. all those typical feelings a 14 years old could have. so i feed them will all the motivation words i have, brainwash them that we need something apart from the classic learning in classroom. well actually, the real intention was basically driven by my passion, demands and greediness. i guess for once i want to prove that 'oh my english' class is not merely a tv show.  

so i gave them one week to prepare. bear in mind that my kids are in boarding school. so they have limited props, clothes and everything. again, i pour all the motivation words, boost their spirit, challenge them so that they will give their best and take this seriously.

final preparation

when i enter the class, i'm a bit surprised but i cannot hide my ear to ear smile. they changed clothes, draw some props, put mustache, hairband. the class looks so lively (not that my class was so gloomy before). it was a good start. later, the drama gets more exciting when some of my them memorise the dialogue, with correct stress and intonation. it really made my day!

here some pictures that i managed to capture.

makcik, pakcik, princess semua ada dalam ni.

love you all yangs. all of my 2 siti aisyah. you people define cuteness.

miss anne loves all of you so much.

thank you for all of your efforts. i'm so so proud of you.

tinggal seminggu lagi di sekolah ni....ish mata tiba-tiba masuk habuk.


Kancil 8349 said...

salam...dah lama ndak singgah ke sini...apapun best tengok anak2 murid berdrama...lebih2 lagi kita yang mengajarnya...di mana sekolah kamu nie

SimplySeoul said...

salam kancil. btul2. kepuasan mngajar tu mmg terasa. sy praktikal di smka tun ahmadshah skrg. ni area inanam.

Suara Hati said...

mengajar ke? bestnya !

PakcikLie PCL said...

salam cikgu, ..kalau gurunya sudah bersemangat , apa lg murid pasti mampu melakukan yg terbaik..all the best !