Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Double meaning question part 2

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remember this post PART 1

since i'm feeling all lazy, bored nowadays, i decided to make a part 2 for that post.

these questions have double meaning or you could say it as psychology test (not to that extent laa). be careful, because you might expose some of the hidden thoughts. so, quickly open your notepad or if u rajin, take a pen and paper and start answering.

I will post the answer in the comment section.

credit: weheartit. celina

Question 1:
One day you dialled a wrong number then you quicky hang up the phone. But after some time, the wrong number that you've dialled called you back. How will you deal with it?

First, you honestly apologize and explained the situation. secondly, you said that you didn't know what's that all about and pretend nothing happened. and thirdly you lie or deceive that caller.

Question 2:
You are walking on a road and in front you there's a pool of water. What do you think when you look at it. or what do you do in that situation?

Question 3:
You happen to be in that store. When you are about to pay, the store worker behave poorly (or without manner). in what way do you think their behaviour is poor? describe the situation.

Question 4:
There are 4 kinds of breads.. curry puff, red bean bread, fruit sauce bread, and honeydew bread. seems like only curry puff and red bean bread that are familiar with our culture kan. fruit sauce (sos buah?) and honey dew tu macam first time dengar. so, anyway,  please link all that bread to a person in your life.

contoh la, curry puff diwakili oleh mak, red bean tu boyfriend, honeydew pula untuk jiran i. lebih kurang macam tu la.

happy answering!

PART 1 is here


SimplySeoul said...

1. your action when you got caught flirting!

2. This represents what you think about yourself.

3. what we want to fix in ourselves.

4. The curry puff represents the person you don’t want to meet during a vacation.

The red bean bread represents the person that doesn't say much but is reliable.

The fruit sauce bread represents a person you often have fun and show off your stubborn-ness.

The honeydew bread represents a person you only be friends with because of the looks.

Anne Nurain said...

aku suka no.3.. aku jawab muka ketat. kena plak ngan aku.. aku slalu bt muka srius.. kekeke..

Kancil 8349 said...

kalau kancil ikut keadaan...hehehe

SimplySeoul said...

Anne Nurain: hehe.. aku jawab, kuat marah2. ngam sgtlah dgn perangai kuat marah-marah aku. hehe

Kancil 8349: apa yg ikut keadaan kancil. semua? hehe

Azlan Strider said...

for question 1 i tend to apologize and explain how i got it wrong..and if its a lady i might flirt with her..hehehe


Cik Itah@Rama Rama Pendek said...

No.3 ..rimas tak suka . dia buat cmtu balas la muka garang or..muka sombong jeling+ sikit hohoho ..

Aemy Nadira said...

haha..nice one..every answer i gave & the 2nd meaning u gave are really related. especially no 3. ;)

SimplySeoul said...

Azlan Strider: oohh that's a nice answer. hehe. so u flirt with your woman to console her.

Cik itah: haha.. sometimes kita answer ikut pengalaman juga so dont take this questions seriously. hehe

Aemy Nadira: woow nice. mine paling manang number 2: i take picture of the pool.. mcm kena batang hidung sndiri haha.