Saturday, September 21, 2013

type of questions in English class


lamanya tidak update blog. dying to write something. but arrived home from work pun feel like dying juga. so macam mana tu... blog mangsanya.

i would like to share my experience in answering the students' questions in class. siapa cakap our students tidak suka or malu bertanya. sebenarnya kalau diberi peluang, kena caranya, diorang ni rajin bertanya. i understand, some teachers not too please when the kids keep asking question, sebab nanti forever spoon feed. for me, selagi i boleh berdiri, round-round kelas, i akan jawab semua soalan my students. they are still kids, 13 years old, or maybe 14. they need a lot of scaffolding especially to those with very low proficiency. 

but i do respect, each teachers have different perspectives and approaches.

the walking dictionary
it's either they asked me the translation of certain english words or i translate something from bahasa. the situation where they forgot the text book, lost their exercise book, too lazy to bring the dictionary are common. it's not that the teacher lack initiatives to membebel. bebel sejam pun, still the problem exist. i am lucky enough if one or two students bring the dictionary, then the rest of the class could borrow or share it.

so it's important for english teacher to know every single words that they are going to teach. i know it's impossible to know the meaning of every words in the dictionary. but, at least study the worksheet, reading comprehension before the lesson. look at every words. nanti u ended up googling depan students. 

the sentence maker
this one more or less like the walking dictionary questions. students approached me and asked something like "Teacher, macam mana mau buat ayat like this, like this". Then you ended up making sentences for them. again, this situation usually happened in the low proficiency class. a simple task could be very hard for them. sometimes, even completing the PBS assessment is too much of a work for them.

the random
"teacher, saya minat english tapi susah, macam mana teacher belajar english", tiba-tiba la i came up with tips, bagi motivation, tazkirah sikit. hihi. but no personal questions. i don't entertain such questions.

the attention seeker.
ahhh this one quite an annoying situation to handle. they just want to make noise in class, cannot sit still. repeating the same question, asking by shouting to me, approach me so that they can move around. teacher know ohkeyy all those tricks. sit still and do your work!

testing the teacher 
asking the teacher some facts, rules to test whether the teacher know or not. mehhh... bring it on kids. i could handle this.

the show off 
usually students ask this type of question just to make sure that they did it correctly or to show off to me that they are good. usually i nodded, said yes, or sometimes praised that person with a simple audible good. when i was in form 3, i did the same thing. i just want to show my mathematics teacher that i did good right? but she simply ignored me, didn't even glance at my book. and that was the last time i asked her a question. last time! no more after that. 

there is a moment when my student with low proficiency asked question like "Teacher apa maksud enjoy?" smbil tunjuk worksheet dia. tiba-tiba hati rasa macam kena cengkam, you know la those sebak feelings. i felt sympathy because in that age, she still didn't know those easy words. so i wander around the row of her table, so that it will be easier for her to call me. 

so my kids, jangan malu untuk tanya teacher. call me to your table. your teacher here is still energetic and capable of answering those questions. tanyalah apa pun. i know english is not easy. i rather u asked questions banyak kali dari u begosip dengan kawan pasal cowok ganteng in the next class.

kiddos, believe me, a teacher has a sixth sense (sometimes i could feel an eight coming). they know the meaning of those small gestures you make, the giggles, grins and annoyance. they could hear the smallest noise. eventually they will hear the gossips or talkabout about them. words spread, just, it spreads faster to the teacher. 



Unknown// said...

ek sa ni suda form 5 still byk grammar mistake >.< tp x tau malu jg tulis blog dlm BI hahah

SimplySeoul said...

Unknown: hehe, i yang ajar english pun dear masih buat grammatical mistakes. dont worry k. let's study more ;)

Aemy Nadira said...

haha..even only 1 month of teaching experience, i've gone through all that..especially the walking dictionary. its really fun anyway. hehe

Alia said...

Nak teacher macam ni jugak sobs T_T

Fay Baloche said...

hahaha.. all true!! Can't agree more :)

SimplySeoul said...

Aemy Nadira: macam2 kan dalam kelas ni. belum lagi yang nakal, begaduh, betumbuk. challenges for teachers are coming from different angles now.

Alia: awww.. don't worry.. your teachers will always willing to help u. just approach them.

Fay Baloche: kan.. chegus have super power. haha.

Kancil 8349 said...

bahasa melayu pun ada yang salah apatah lagi bahasa inggeris...hehehe..apapun good luck...

Cik Itah@RRP said...

oh my english haha :D

SimplySeoul said...

Kancil 8349: btul2. cabaran pertamany tu di bahasa inggeris tu sndiri. belum lg yg lain2.

Cik Itah @RRP: oh wooww. haha

Anne Nurain said...

banyaknya cabaran jadi cikgu kan? kalau mcm kami bdak kos it, kami tebiasa suda guna istilah bhsa inggeris. kdg2 mo translate p b.melayu pun mcm ndak yakin jak betul.. risau jugak kalau student ndak paham nanti.. hehehe..