Thursday, November 21, 2013

pre-graduation photo

excuse my boldness in turning my graduation's robe to a more high fashion, runaway feeling.

am i supposed to feel this cool when wearing this.

the hat is square,

the robe is so oversize, that i was completely tenggelam in it. and that is a size S. helpless.

the colour is dull compare to other university.

but why am i feeling fabulous wearing this.

why i feel beautiful than ever wearing this.

i will be having my convocation on the 25th of november 2013.

after 4 years of struggling, 4 years of dramatic experience, i finally able to write the last page of my undergrad journal.

to all my beloved Teslian, you people are awesome. and to all my fellow educationers, let's rock the school. love u.

happy graduating!


Nur Fajar said...

Tahniah dah convo ^^

SimplySeoul said...

Nur fajar: thank you babe.

Unknown// said...

congrats sis! :D

Aemy Nadira said...

saya pun almost sinking inside the ok la as long as x sapu lantai :p
congrats for both of us!!! ^^

Azlan Strider said...

congratulation on your graduation..its time to take a step to another level..hehehe


Firdaus Stark said...

Tahniah! :)

Fay Baloche said...

wah.. cool o ko guna dat robe anne.. I haven't try mine :)

Cik Itah@RRP said...

waa..tahniah :)

Anne Nurain said...

tahniah dah convo! :D

Armstrong said...

Hey hey... happy graduation! A mixed feeling kan. Happy and sad :D Ada ka? lol.

Happy Wednesday, Simplyseoul! :)

SimplySeoul said...

Unknown: thank you dear... miss you tho.

Aemy: sangat aemy... like literally a jubah. sampai my ankle. BTW congratulations aemy on your graduation.

Strider: thank you buddy. yup! this is just the beginning.

Firdaus: thank you :)

SimplySeoul said...

Fay: thanks babe..Congratulations too fay. will miss u. our class.

Cik Itah: terima kasih cik itah. :)

Anne: thanks babe..u menyusul lepas ni.

Armstrong: Very mixed. kejap gembira..then the next minute mengada sedih. after convo empty sikit.. above all thank god da selesai..thanks buddy