Tuesday, November 05, 2013



do you still keep your yearbook? or a school magazine... a more familiar term to malaysian.

i do. i have lots of it. even a few from my mak's era in the 80's. 

you see, me and my mak went to the same secondary school. so i always compared the buildings, how the teachers look like and ehemm laughed at mak's tocang.

so, i happened to found a poem that i wrote on my own.

it was published in one of my school magazine year 2004.

so  i re-read it again and....... OH MY GRAMMAR!!!

that poem has serious grammar mistakes. 

it was a good one (yup, i'm giving a thumbs up to myself here) ....but before i even began to awe that grammar mistakes spoil everything. 

here goes the evidence of my teenage years:

The love that eternity
Sincerity in sacrifice
Magical through the sparkling stars
Miracles follow the journey
Lucky between perfect situation
Fair and fair never fades away
It is all tales
Shoes made of glass
Cabin built by candies
Kissed turned the frog
Love healed the beast
Fairy appeared in every sorrow
It is all tales
Believing, hoping, waiting
For it all exist
But as times grow
Mature burgeon silently
Vanish unconsciously 
Because, it is all tales.

(i own the copyright, termasuk the grammmar mistakes...all mine)

i can't really remember what i was thinking when i wrote the poem.

was i happy or worried, or just another lousy puberty feelings. 

maybe it was nothing special, nothing particular.. just a random writing.

but it definitely feels like walking down the memory lane when i read it.

it reminds me what kind of student i am in school, my dreams, that innocence feelings. we can't deny that times tainted who we are. 

funny how we used to think that the world's problem is our homework and isi tersirat in rumusan is so f up.

sedikit pesanan hati:
selamat menghadapi SPM buat semua yang menghadapinya, terutamanya buat adik-adik tersayang di smka tun ahmadshah. moga dipermudahkan semuanya. amin ya rabb.


Firdaus Stark said...

puisi yang menarik :)

Azlan Strider said...

you actually remind me of my year book..actually i only have my year book when i;m at form 3 but i'm not sure what happen to my senior's yearbook..hurm..


SimplySeoul said...

Firdaus: thanks man.

Strider: haha..go find it. there must be something interesting to look into.

Anne Nurain said...

aku pun ada jugak majalah sekolah ni tapi tak tau mana suda.. sebelum2 ni kalau tengok balik majalah tu mesti terkenang zaman skolah dulu.. lamanya suda.. hehe..

eh, nice poem.. bole d pham jugak wlupun ada kesalahan grammar.. hehe

Aemy Nadira said...

Haha, hey..ignore the grammar, it's actually beautiful. I never had such good idea to make my own english poem when i was in school. do u ever read e.e. cummings' poems? hehe..

Azlan Strider said...

yeah..i definitely gonna look for it..it got my senior crush signature..hahahaha


SimplySeoul said...

Anne: cari balik hehe. kan... bila pikir2 lama sudah ditinggalkan zaman sekolah tu..8 years ago. thanks dear.

Aemy: cumming? xtau pula aemy. nanti saya try cari.. nda tahan aku menengo tu grammar "it is all" apakahhh haha. but thanks aemy.

Strider: wauuuu.... senior ya u punya crush. nice. hehe.

lilies.john said...

Awww.. U can really write a poem! U remind me of my physic peom i wrote in matrix for science poem competition... I wish i keep the copy of it..huhu.

SimplySeoul said...

lilies.john: thank you....zaman kanak2. hehe. xpa cuba ingat balik, xpun buat baru hehe. :) mesti u ble dapat byk inspiration especially from your amazing job kan.