Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Graduation Day


I finally received my Bachelor in Education with hons in TESL.

alhamdulillah, i'm officially a degree holder.

my graduation day definitely one of my important, big day.

no, not only the graduation day but the whole week itself.

it was overwhelming. the celebration, feelings, warm remembrance... everything.

ikutkan hati macam mau live streaming di blog ni sepanjang 3 hari...

ikutkan hati macam mau upload ratus-ratus gambar, dari pre, studio, photoshoot, yang kena tag di instagram tu.

so you guys will be scrolling my blog endlessly.

over kau.

here some pictures during that big day.

angle muka yang ni okay , there's another version where i'm not really sure where i'm staring...

before entering the hall.. we were asked by the uncle photographer to do a thumbs up

baling the square hat!! yeah!! i'm proud to be part of the tesl group.

o god...the background noise. ni photobomb paling manang

even though dad is not around anymore to witness this, i know he will be very proud of me.

congratulations everyone!


Cik Itah@RRP said...

waa..bestnya..tahniah :)

Azlan Strider said...

congratulation..this is one of the best moment in yourlife..take some time to enjoy have more great moment coming in ur way..insyallah...


Cik Asma BLuppy said...

congrateeee!! semoga sentiasa suksess

SimplySeoul said...

Cik Itah: Sanagat best. Terima kasih cik itah. :)

Strider: Thank you very much. i think kan i might enjoying it too much. how i love my university years. thank you buddy :)

Cik Asma: Thank you babe. Amin.

Firdaus Stark said...

Tahniah! :)

crystal nick said...

congrats kak Anne ^^~
seriously rinnnduuu sangat2 dekat akak
ur dad would've VERY proud of u

Aemy Nadira said...

u look great! congrats Anne!! ^^

khairiyah roshman said...

sy ada jumpa kaka time d ums. tapi sy malu mau tegur hahahahahahahah congratulation dear!

Norafifah Roshman said...

sorry terguna kakak sy punya account! huhu

SimplySeoul said...

Firdaus Stark: Tengs buddy.

Atul: Thank you baby. ohh i miss u. u're a big part of my memories in ums. i love and hope we can meet again. take care.

Aemy: thanks dear. u too looks awesome. if u free, jum jumpa. ;)

SimplySeoul said...

Norafifah: Why didn't u? You should. Haha. next time u see me, just say hi.. and then we can hug, then we could laugh. it's okay maybe next time kan.

Nur Fajariah said...

tahniah awk dah grad =)