Sunday, December 29, 2013

Book and Blog


see this is my current reading.

it's a book for children, god's sake.

but i find that fairy tales always have the soft spot in me.

i seldom fancy novel, but i love kids' fiction. the easily digest language, comes with illustrations, colour pages.

the latest version of fairy tales, or any children's book were altered to meet the typical moral values story.

the original version of fairy tales were not that beautiful. in fact, some parts of the story are very gruesome.

nowadays, the edited version of fairy tales are often softer and sweeter.

Do you know that in the original Grimm brothers' version of Cinderella, the stepsister actually cut her toes in order to fit the glass shoe.

my current reading

so i know it's the end of the year. sales everywhere.

shoes sales, favourite clothes house sales, semua benda pun sales.

but don't forget to visit the clearance sell of a bookstore or a bookfair.

if you're too lazy to read a book, it's ok...beli majalah tudung pun jadi. at least you could get new info.

i think we have a bookfair on the 3rd of January in 1Borneo. so yeah. do visit.

Do you know that in the original Grimm brothers' version of Snow White, the Queen, Snow white's stepmum, was asked to dance in the iron shoes as a punishment.

one more thing...

so some of you might already noticed my new url.

i decided to use

nuranne was taken from my real name, Nur Anneliza.

the will be directed to this new url.

nothing really change. i'm still the same writer.

after almost 5 years, seems like blogging is that one thing i cannot let go, besides googling harry styles. no, not a fan.. his curls build curiosity..see it even rhymes.

i don't know until when i could keep up with blogging or where i'll stop.

but i love to write. as long as i could write, the blog will be alive.



Sakura Sue said...

used to love fairy tales during school days. ^_^

Ruth Christy said...

I MUST go to that bookfair ! oh and please keep on writing, you're one of my favorite blogger :)

ezyra daniel said...

sama la kita..rasa nye lebih suka baca yg novel utk bdk2 or teenagers sebab bahasa dorang lagi simple.hehe...

Aemy Nadira said...

then you would love When I Was A Kid by Cheeming Boey, its a fun read ^^
keep blogging darl!!

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Sakura sue: i know right.. i read it until now.

Ruth: ohh you pumpkin, i love u. i think the book fair will be held in 3 days..3jan until 5jan if im not mistaken. so yeah take ur time.

ezyra daniel: kan, terus faham, terus seronok. haha. i will keep reading a children book.

Aemy: really? i'll give it a try :) u too keep blogging amor!

Ruth Christy said...

Hello sis hee you can contact me personally through my twitter or facebook , here's the links :)

aisya said...

Baru tadi pergi Popular beli novel RM8 lagi. Haish, blink2 sudah mata ni tengok novel. XD

Fairy tales best apa, boleh berangan jadi Cinderella sekejap. Eh. hehehe

Sobri Yaacob said...

owh new dominin sis?
ya sudah lamax baca buku.. story tales mcm ni..
skarang banyak baca buku motivasi je..
nice sharing..mybe one day find this book :)

Azlan Strider said...

i dont know why i can read blog for hours and can't finish to read a novel..hahaha..i dont think its a problem with reading..maybe its because of the content..hehehe