Thursday, December 19, 2013

Team Building 2013: Giant Ladder and Kayak


the last part for our team building. kalau muak baca, nda pa, saya faham. hehe.

the giant ladder. equals to one floor building.

Giant ladder

Yang ni memang insaf. That giant ladder is hanging in the air. It is not attached to a tree or anything. So memang nda da tempat untuk pegang. You panjat, tangga tu shake. Panjat lagi, tangga shake. Kalau gayat, memang boleh masuk hospital. Then jarak setiap tangga makin jauh. At one point, your legs cramp, and it makes you feel like crap up there. haha. lagi satu kalau berat dosa tu pun, jaga-jaga... ada kemungkinan untuk susah panjat. kidding.

You have to climb one step to another. The first until third step was okay for me. Reaching the fourth and fifth, aku rasa macam mau mampus. The distance is getting farther, very unfortunate for short people like me. Then the moment you finished the third step, you're running out of energy. Seriously, you penat sangat. My hands were shaking. But i'm quite in a comfy zone because i'm not afraid of height. Siap boleh cari camera sebab mau bergambar. People with gayat issue will experience harder time. Tapi, Alhamdulliah, all of us managed to do it. Yes! We even achieved one new record where one of our staff whose more than 120kg managed to complete it.

us. yeayy the winning pose.

I did kayak before. But this one is nothing like that. At first we were asked to cross the river to test the life jacket. Note that, I don't know how to swim. No idea how to float or swings my arms or anything. I ended up having mental breakdown (mental illness pun ada) where i had zero water confidence. I try to swim, but i realised that i'm getting farther away from my group. Towards the end, one of my colleague had to drag me. Sudah la kena tarik, then kaki tesangkut di tali pancing. Kesian pakcik tu, dia tinggal kejap joran, ehh tiba-tiba sangkut duyung. Haha. My swimming experience was a pathetic one.

mengapungkan diri pun aku fail. padahal ni cetek lagi.

Then we had the kayak session. This is so much fun, although i feel like i'm losing every ounce of my energy there. Before we went to the sea, everybody was like busy applying lotion and sunblock. Turn out it's raining heavily. Goodness, were were kayaking in the middle of heavy rain. At one time my kayak was pushed by the big waves to the shore. Me and my partner, whose happened to be my own big boss, need to bring the kayak back to the muara sungai and continue to kayak again. ohh mak, sangat penat. macam mau tecabut lengan ni.

see the skies. sangat gelap. but this one is a very interesting task. you have to make all the kayaks line up sideways together. then kena pegang kayak kawan-kawan di sebelah supaya tidak berpecah.

the guys keep making jokes that we are going to filipina with this kayak.

Around 10 more days to new year.

We're going to the end of year... 


Cik Itah@RRP said...

seronoknya dear :)

SimplySeoul said...

Cik Itah: tapi sengsara juga... lembik tulang lepas tu.

Affy Afiqah said...

ahahahha i'm not good in those outdoor activities....tapi teringin :)

Sobri Yaacob said... bulding.,..
best..tringat team bulding dkat hutan belum..sama la berkayak.. :)

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Affy: Me too dear.. mmg part adventure penakut. tapi i love the adrenaline.

Sobri: kayak tu mmg wajib ka utk team building? everytime i ask other people kan, mesti ada kayak. hehe.

Niesa said...

Bestnya dpt join team building!niesa suka cuba aktiviti lasak mcm ni...rindu pulak nk berkayak...

Niesa said...

Bestnya dpt join team building!niesa suka cuba aktiviti lasak mcm ni...rindu pulak nk berkayak...

bakal jenazah said...

saya tak pernah buat aktiviti macam dalam entry akak. Hopefully suatu hari nanti saya berpeluang untuk rasa apa yang akak rasa. ;)

nor faezah alias said...

seronoknya aktiviti die..but kayak??oh no!!i surrender! i'm afraid that the canoe will sink coz of my weight!haha

Azlan Strider said... giler team building buat aktiviti outbound macam nie..hehehe