Thursday, December 19, 2013

Team Building 2013: Motivation and Morning Exercise


continuation of the Team Building.

Motivation session
The motivation session was held in 2 days. The speaker gave us interesting and inspiring talks. Get us to move around and complete the task as a team. So among the activities that i remember is personality quiz. Those who always dropped by at my blog will notice that i love the psychology test. So why don't you join us and try the question..

Choose one shape that represent it circle, square, triangle or wave?

Done? I have chosen circle. So according to these instructor the person who choose circle is the kind of person that easily mingle with everybody. Fun, empathy and very helpful. They like to make friends and care for others. Sort of like that la. Will tell you more about the shapes interpretation in my comment section.

Moving on, we also had an orchestra game, where we were asked to close our eyes and move our hands to the music as if we were the one who lead an orchestra. I was chosen as one of the best from my group whose constantly moving hands. Alaa, aku kan kurang malu sikit, setakat gerak-gerak macam saiko sambil tutup mata ni hal kecik. 

this game could get hilarious. haha. bila u nampak colleague u gerak-gerak tangan. ada macam-macam gaya. 
i failed this one....aww sedih.

game ni main pijak-pijak belon ja. tapi ganasnya macam ada dendam kesumat. habis mak orang teguling dikejar,

Then we also had some budak-budak games. Walaupun nampak macam budak-budak tapi mendalam juga meaning di sebaliknya tu. Then during the last game, my boss asked me to represent the whole team instead of my group to complete the task. Macam ni, you have to hold on to a candle, close your eyes, listen to the instruction and pop the balloon in the middle of the spider web. Weyyy, aku ni takut panas, trauma kena seterika. Sebab tu aku nda suka gosok baju. Rela kusut seribu tudung.....(padahal pemalas). I failed to complete the task due to time constraint....huhu sedih!

Morning exercise
This one is my favourite part. morning exercise was conducted by the instructors of Outward Bound Sabah. At 6.00 am, we gathered in the beach and did some stretching and games. The beach is beautiful and more importantly, peaceful. In a way, I don't like crowded beach, tapi apa boleh buat, most of the public beaches are crowded kan. Back to the story, imagine doing exercise with sunrise as the background, slow winds and waves as company. It couldn't be better. Ngam lah dengan hati penyajak aku. The games were towards building teamwork but nothing serious. I'm sure you are familiar with "anak ayam" game right. So yeah.. a bunch of adults holding each other hips and playing anak ayam with rimau could be refreshing and nostalgic at the same time.

I want to quote some words or sayings from the speaker. He highlighted that the most difficult things to handle in this world is HUMAN. Every one of us is different. Physically, spiritually and mentally we are not the same and will never be. And we are constantly changing. Who am i in 10 years ago is different than now. 

credit to my colleague melvin for the photos. cantik pula wide lens ni kan.

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SimplySeoul said...

triangle: decisive. driven to suceed (kalau nak yang tu, itu juga la), competitive. outspoken. boleh ke arah kuku besi. hehe.

square: stay with the rules and principes. structured. organized. do not easily tolerate changes.

wave; flexible. creative people. always changing. easily bored. have lots of ideas.