Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Team Building 2013: Outward Bound Sabah


it's been a while since i write something.

do you miss me?

say that you miss me...hehe...

anyhow, i'm here now.

the main entrance of Outward Bound Sabah

so last weekend i was out of the city for Team Building in Outward Bound Sabah.

it was established in 1985 and use experiential learning as the core of their courses.

so you're not going to learn theoretically, you have to experience it on your own.

let's say the instructor teach you on how to climb the tree, then you have to really find one and climb it in order to learn it.

at the end of the day, you will work as a team, build confidence, trusts and rejoice the positiveness.

plus, you will be using all of the potential that you own or never knew you have.

I found this photo in their conference room. That must be Outward Bound in the 90's. If you look closely, you could find a big building in the middle of the photo. That's actually the Boat House. I could sit there for hours. River and the sea at the same time.

personally, for me, it was such an amazing place, embrace by the nature.

what i like the most is the classic impression of it.

the handwritten signboards in each rooms, the old photos and of course the beautiful intersection of the river and sea (i don't know what is muara in english)

at first i was not that optimistic towards the whole thing...biasalah fikiran manja mau aircond la, internet la. sekali dapat back to basics, rasa la.

so all of us were living in a dorm, shower together. memang untung siapa dapat shower dengan aku. hahaha. tukar parental guidance ke rated pula belog ni.

The view in front of our dorm.

Our dormitory. Look at the date, i believe it is handwritten. In 1991, i was only 3 years old.

as the days went by, i had great experience.

of course my favourite part of all is meeting new people and trying out the adventure.

and i happened to meet one of my blogging friend there. Edith.

she was one of our instructor during the three days course.

all of the instructors were so supportive and there were lots of input i gained.

One of our instructor, Edith. thank you for your warm hospitality. The experience is even more amazing when you were there.

lepas sampai sana, baru tau yang aku ni jenis orang "BULAT", zero water confidence, ketawa tiba-tiba kalau panik, maestro yang berbakat.

haha. i'll talk more on that in the next post.


You could found out more on Outward Bound Sabah in this website


Azlan Strider said...

yeah...i miss you...where did u go???owh, u already answered it inside the entry..hahaha..i love this outbound activities but unfortunately my company didn't do any team building activities for this year.. :(


SimplySeoul said...

strider: aww tengs buddy. hi-five! it's okay propose the team building next year. we need something to get the bond back right.

SimplySeoul said...

strider: aww tengs buddy. hi-five! it's okay propose the team building next year. we need something to get the bond back right.