Saturday, December 21, 2013

Woman and education


Mak always said to me, 

"Harta paling berharga mak boleh bagi ialah pelajaran"

She always said that for the past 25 years. Same tone. Same sentence.

I never heard it from anybody else except when I went to the team building last weekend. The speaker who gave talk on motivation happened to say the same thing... "Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan bagi harta berharga dengan orang lain iaitu ilmu".

A teacher seen as someone who fulfill the duty of giving knowledge and instilling good values in students. In these gadgets days, little people realised everyone could get their own knowledge. It's not school, teacher or going to college, it's you seeking a better part of life.

This is very personal to me. I think a student who could solve a logarithm or recite quran with correct tajwid is cool. See, that's what makes the center of my life, my view, my belief. I believe in the power of education. my view is nothing that quoted from the book or someone famous but it's what fruited in my heart.

Other people could argue with me and said, No! apa guna pandai kalau tiada skill. Apa guna ada ilmu kalau pemalas. Yes, i do respect your opinion. I respect your experience in what mold you as as a success person today. But i still strongly hold on to education as what empowers people.

“Read in the name of your Lord Who created. He created man from a clot. Read: And your Lord is the Most Bounteous, Who taught (to write) with the pen, taught man what he knew not.”

The first reveleation to Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him

As a woman, I know each of us must have heard this at least once in their life "Tinggi mana pun pelajarannya, mesti masuk dapur juga" then ada orang counter attack balik "tapi pelajaran la yang menentukan besar dapurnya". Well, I kinda agree to both statements. But education not only decide whether you go to dapur or have branded things as your kitchen utensils. It's not all that. See the bigger picture of life. Education not only decide your kitchen, but your living room, what you put in your groceries bag or what you put in the bookshelves. 

What's more important, a mother is the teacher to their own children. So I believe that every mother should be positive about education. If a mother could afford a cooking class or a taekwondo class for her kids, but refused to sign them up because the money could go somewhere else will make the kids lose great opportunity in learning something. Yes, buying gadgets is important but imagine how even amazing that child is if he or she could play a piano or speak in Spanish.

Book is a certain education. But education doesn't necessarily come from book. credit

I know money lately seems to be the core of life. We need money for food, clothes and education itself. But if you could see a bigger picture of what education could bring to your home, I believe you're not only putting another fancy material but also a greater value. A woman who realised the important of education will put extra effort in putting more books in the bookshelves than toys in the box. If the children didn't like to read, start with stories book with lots of pictures or book that comes with free stickers at the back.

Kids nowadays know education is important, but from what i have seen, they don't see real capability of education. They realised, if they have education, they will go to college, they will get straight A's, get good job with high salary. Typical! But seldom they imagine further how education could bring them to another country, will make them stand out from the crowd or inspire another people.

I know ada orang tinggi pelajaran tapi live recklessly. Tinggi pelajaran tapi tidak hormat orang tua. Yes. I couldn't close my eyes or turn my head on that. But as I said, I firmly believe, if you really educate yourself, appreciate it and practice it in life, the other thing will come on its own. If you are able to appreciate on how we could count and read, you will be able to appreciate people around you and do good to your life. Kalau ada yang berpelajaran tapi jadi gila, tu another case. I have little knowledge to go further on that.

And in the other side, some people can't afford to go to college. Some are agitating on persuing further education or still trying to find the right time to do it. Maybe my words will not be soothing enough, but don't worry and stay true to your dreams. Even though Allah did not granted it, don't worry, there's a bigger plan for you. Every prayer is answered except it might be answered in a different way and believe that it's for the better. It doesn't mean you're not good enough. You still an amazing woman or mom and you still could influence. Amin.

Read a book today, watch a documentary or learn a do-it-yourself crafts. You will not lose anything. 

Education is not preparation of life, it is life itself.

John Dewey

That's all for now. Love you all. And have a blast celebration to everybody that celebrating christmas.




Aemy Nadira said...

This is really inspiring, Anne. Thanks so much for this wonderful read :)

Anne Nurain said...

setuju sangat.. kadang2 orang memang pandai belajar tapi diorang tak amalkan pun apa yang diorang pelajari..

congrats dah ada domain sendiri.. hihi..

Lyeen De Syifa said...

Indeed! My Abah said, "Education will change your lifestyle!"

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Aemy: Thanks aemy. Hails to mom and akak2 out there. hehe.

Anne: Yayy, u noticed it. thanks babe. And yes, there's a lot of orang pandai tapi hanyut, because they don't really appreciate education.

Lyeen De Syifa: Yes if you really appreciate it, it change the entire thinking. Btw, thanks for reading.

Affy Afiqah said...

Susah nak jumpa orang yang betul2 praktikkan apa yang dia belajar dalam u said, pandai tapi takde manner....memang banyak orang macam tu...yang pasti kita jangan ikut sikap tu...

we're what our generation will be...tunjukkan contoh yang baik

ika follow sini #446

aisya said...

suka sangat entri ni. :)

Cik Itah@RRP said...

mak sy pun selalu pesan macam ni :)

Sobri Yaacob said...

ya it true sis..
harta yang paling bernilai adalah pelajaran..
knapa org ckap..buat apa2 blajar tinggi..tapi itu yg memntukan brapa bsar dapur dan maid yg sediakan makanan..semua utk keselesaan diri..
gradute ums ke sis?
cantik universiti dkat dgn laut...

p/s: guna camera nikon basic :)

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Affy: True, everyone is educated but they don't practice it. so it makes the whole thing useless.

Aisya: Thank you aisya. Mind telling me why u like it. hehe

Cik Itah: I guess every mum the same rite.

Sobri: Thanks buddy. U're rite. Theres a lot of benefit yang kita tidak sedar. Yes i'm a ums graduate. working in ums too. oo guna nikon. thinking of using wide lens..tapi mahal T_T nanges dompet.

Dephnie Dewi said...

Whenever I went to schools, I imagined myself telling the pupils how powerful education is. Telling them how they'll see there's more to life if they're willing to open up their worlds. Education will help them. I love what you've shared :)

Anisa Hang Tuah said...

Anne.. Ayah saya pun pernah pesan pada saya

"Kita tak ada harta lain selain ilmu.."

Dan saya bukan dikalangan orang yg senang..

Entri ni buatkan sy berfikur panjang..sebab sy sedang down untuk habiskan master in science.

Sangat menguji..


All the best ..

Jadi pendidik yg amanah.

Semoga anne


aisya said...

entry ni macam ada something. tak tau nak describe macam mana. automatik renung balik perjalanan hidup sendiri dari buka mata sampai lah dah besar macam ni. apa sebenarnya makna education tu untuk diri sendiri? Kenapa perlu belajar rajin-rajin nak dpt straight A's? Kenapa perlu belajar tinggi-tinggi, habiskan degree dan sambung study?
Bapa sy pun selalu pesan dari sy kecik2 lagi, "tuntut ilmu sampai negeri China". Baca entri ni baru sy terfikir balik, apa yg sy buat selama ni adakah sy telan bulat2 pesan bapa ataupun sy cedok maksud disebalik kata2 tu.. Hmmm..

Thanks, secara tak langsung baca utk motivasi diri.. :)

Azlan Strider said...

betul tu..women without education sebenarnya lebih exposed kepada penipuan especially dari seorang lelaki yang tidak bertanggungjawab..


Sobri Yaacob said...

owh.. he..he.. saya pakai basic camera je.. tapi masa nak beli mnagis jugak.. beli time stdy.. :)oic working kat ums. serius..suka tgok view dkat ums tambah dkat dgn aquaria ums.. awoseme...!!

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Dephnie Dewi: Great! We need to tell the children there's more than life in education. Thank you Deph.

Anisa: Amin. Thank you for your warm wish :') Bertahan nisa, pasti ada ganjarannya. U r great. Keep Moving. Lavee U gerl!

Aisya: True dear. thank you for sharing your thoughts. Ada banyak peluang terbuka bila kita guna education. Kadang-kadang kita ambik phD bukan sebab naik gaji. tapi sbb pride, maruah. Kita mampu, ada keinginan. So kita buat.

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Strider: oh another great information. YE=es! definitely. Wanita berpendidikan, lebih bijak menilai sekelilingnya (bukan semua). And i'm not saying yang tidak berpendidikan tinggi xpandai. Tapi just bayangkan seorang Ting 4 dan darjah 6. mesti yg ting 4, at least lebih memahami keadaan sekelilingnya.

Sobri: Ohh so you've been here. hehe. yes. i love the sea there. great view. xpa, nnt kita kumpul duit n beli wide lens k. :)

Aemy Nadira said...

happy new year, Anne ;)