Sunday, January 19, 2014

Poem Writing part 1


Here's another tips for poetry.

In this post I want to share the brilliant ideas from Manara (2006) who wrote "Poetry for those Who Do Not Like Poems"

I noted that the poetry learning is usually taught in Literature component where students read the given poem, find the meaning, recognize the elements and answer the comprehension question. That goes on for few years that it sort of become a familiarity that we learn poem not make poem. 

According to Manara, students will tend to think they are lacking the creativity to write a poem and only talented people produce good works. Manara cited Maley (1997) that there are two kinds of creativity H (historical) and P (psychological) creativity. From what I've understand, H creativity is when we exposed with the great or famous works by great authors. But P creativity is the creativeness that we explore on our own.  

Here's some activity proposed by Manara.

The Subject Poem
Students make a list of words related to the subject that they do not like. These words are the clues for readers to guess the subject. Students often think their proficiency is not good enough but this activity proves that poem starts from simple words and short in length.


Monday blues
Singing the national anthem
Lots of speeches
Standing for an hour (nuranne)


The Acrostic
Students are asked to make a sentence from the word given. This activity is quite challenging and restricted to the low proficiency students.  Teacher needs to explain what is an acrostic and provide them with a model of poem. For example, you could integrate this activity in teaching The River (Literature Form 1). Asks students to make a poem using the letters from RIVER.


Running to the valley.
In great danger of pollution.
Value to human kind.
Endlessly helping human.
Reserve and calm . (nuranne)

The "10 Things I Hate About…" Poem
It requires the student to make a list of 10 things on the subject and give brief example explanation of their dislikes. This activity is quite challenging. they need to think of items that related to the subject and make short remarks out of it. The poem could be very lengthy. 

10 things I hate about romance novels

The thick book disturb me for days.
The overly described characters.
The godly good looking male characters.
The redundant description of even a smile.
The love story that I would never have.
The never ending conflicts.
The lack of facts.
The world that seems to revolve only around them.
The happily ever after ending where we doubts will happened in reality.
The beautiful children that follows in the epilogue. (nuranne)

The "If Only" Poem
In this activity, the students are to reflect on the situations or conditions that discourage them. They will introduced a solution to the those problems and imagine the result. For example, if they dislike a classroom, they will use their imagination to create an 'ideal' classroom or lesson and think of the changes and propose consequences of these changes. 

This activity uses pattern-form poem. The students are encouraged to think on their own. They could write as long as they want. This activity could also be used to reinforce the students' knowledge of conditional pattern.

My Ideal Lesson

If the homework are not piling.
I would not be so stress.
If only we could sing a song.
The class will be more lively.
If only these were true, I would go to school with a happy face (nuranne)

That's all for now.

Happy trying teacher :)

p/s: sorry the poem is a bit cincai.. xda idea mau bagi contoh.


Sheila Salim said...

Assalamualaikum. saya suka baca ur english post. nice writing..

Azlan Strider said...

this is one of talent that i dont have..hehehe..menabung ikea sini


nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Sheila: Thank you very much dear. hugs.

Strider: hehe.. i take that as a compliment, may i? hehe. thanks bro.