Sunday, February 02, 2014



Back then, we bought cassettes.
A cassette of our favourite singer costs us rm 18.90 which is quite expensive.
So the 90's resort we had was to record it in a tape.

We wait for the radio to play our song and record it.
It's frustrating when the DJ talked in the beginning of the song.
Or abruptly ended the song.
Sometimes we overlapped the recording and had to erase everything.
And there is only one radio channel that used english as the medium language.

The lovebirds used mixtape to convey their feeling.
Exchanging love songs.
Choose and arrange the songs in the nicest way possible.
So that it comes to her that the cassette is his confession.

have you been there?

We got the lyrics by listening to the song over and over again.
There was no search button at that time.
We put all the lyrics nicely in a book and let our friends borrow it.
Britney spears with her "baby one more time and westlife with their "if i let you go".

After that came walkman. The coolest gadget ever.
One costs you around rm70 to rm200.
Sony brand equals to iphone.
We put that heavy little thing in our pockets.
Then came Yahoo and digital camera of 3.6 megapixels.
We say goodbye to our little world of 90's.

Those were the days girls.

Those were the days.


Ruth Christy said...

kami pun masi lg tulis lirik di buku, bawa pg skula, nyyi ramai2 :D haha

Cik Itah@RRP said...


Armstrong said...

I miss those days too. Kinda irritating when the cassette is stuck and you had to get a pencil or pen to fix it. :D

And ya, I hate those DJs that speaks at the intro of songs. Thankfully we have internet now listen to music because the DJs nowadays speaks until like 0.5 seconds before the singer starts singing. But the DJ will keep talking if the there's no singing in the intro. Haha.

Aemy Nadira said...

ah..those days. i still keep everything from the 90s, part of me still stuck in the past somehow. :)

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Ruth: I noticed my students still do that too. It's fun right. But now it's quite easy, we have google. Imagine we have to listen to those korean songs and write the lyrics. somewhere it'll turn to a thai language. haha.

Cik Itah: i smile too. haha

Arms: Yess...the stuck part. Definitely spin it with a pencil. Yup the DJ always interrupt the song..even now. I was like dalam hati "diamla... the song is playing"

Aemy: Ikr... I sometimes want to relive my past in this blog. but one of my favourite part of the 90's is this tape thingy.

Razi ten said...

Sounds so nostalgic xD
Never yet experienced that kind of things, but I know the feeling when radio is the only sources for you to listen to music. Whenver my favourite song coming out, I would be excitedly sing along xD
During the time before youtube are famous.

Azlan Strider said...

hahaha..miss the good old day..i used to wait for myy fav song to be on air and record it with the thanks to internet, we just download any song that we more easy but there are no challange in it..hahaha


nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Razi: Not so..makes me sounds old. haha. True.. it's frustrating but when the song came, it was a good feeling. Now kita replay2 di youtube.

Azlan Strider: Yes, now kita download. ulang2 byk kali pun boleh. Recording tu memang epic la. wait and then press. hehe. lepas tu xsabar dengar.

fairus said...