Monday, March 24, 2014

Fashion Profile or Blog for Inspirations


Are you a fashion freak?

Or are you the person who loves to mix and match, put on that pop up colour, hoping to stand out with that fedora, standing in front of your closet and give a deep thought on what to wear? 

Congratulations you are one step closer to become a fashion freak.

In this post I would love to share some great sites on to discover your fashion insights. You could find a lot of style inspirations or express yourself by creating your own profile. If your inspiration of dressing up comes low. Hop on to some of these sites.

My friend suggested this one to me. It's the earliest fashion blog I got to know. Definitely forever scrolling this one. You could find items according to theme such as "street style", "what to wear to photo shoot", "refine your personal style" or selected item such as "leather heels" or "printed jacket". Every of the photo/post will be included with details of each fashion item that the model wear, for example, "Zara vintage jacket" or "Forever 21 wool hat". So in case some of the stores near you, you could get your hands on items mentioned. If not, then let's settle down with the look alike.

Pinterest is not a fashion blog base. The search engine in pinterest is base on Tags. But I found it very useful when you want to search specific items. Let's say suddenly you're craving for glitter eyeshadow, what you can do is to use the search button. Or maybe you want to know what colour suits your neon pink khaki pants. Just type "Pink pants" and voila. 

I didn't explore Polyvore that much. But gotta admit that this site is cool too. Basically Polyvore is a place where you could create a fashion blog. The picture in polyvore is base on a collage. So you put all your favourite items, from clothes to shoes to makeup and create a set. Very good for mix and match and you could clearly see the balance of colour/pattern in that collage. Polyvore not only focus on fashion but also furniture. So yeah. Might want to check it out.

This one is good too. More or less like chictopia. The layout is a bit different. And it focus on the fashion author. So instead of browsing using tag, u scroll the blogger. I noticed the title is not necessarily using fashion terms. Instead of using "street style", "spring looks" or "beach wear", the blogger uses ambiguous  title such as "Hey Ho Let's Go", "Sunday", "Purple Blossom" or "It's been a while". Cool!

One day, I might have a courage to sign up. Now, let's just be satisfy as a person whose looking for inspiration instead of becoming one. Fashion and style are risky subject. Even though people claim that it is a subjective matter but still, wrong cheetah print jacket, you'll be in a faux pas. 

So let's learn what makes you stand out and comfortable at the same time. What colours or patterns that bring out the best of you.

Bookmark these sites and find some inspirations to match your personality.  

Hope to see more scarves (hijab) fashion in the future.

That's all loves...see you again.


Farah Arina said...

thanks for this. love it so much <333
especially yang lookbook <3

Farah said...

I love browsing things like this. Tapi, sampai situ sahajalah because I'm not a fashionista. Hari-hari pun pakai seluar dengan t-shirt je. Hihi.

Sobri Yaacob said...

nice sharing sis...
saya kalau bab fesyen gagal..
tapi skrg byak2 website yg bleh tlong.. jadi bljar la he..he.. :P

Nurul Syahada said...

Great info. ive to admit tht im not a fashion freak T.T but yahh, maybe one day i'll become the one . Hihi

Ai Syah said...

sy penah dgr psl polyvore n pinterest tu.. siap sign up utk xtaw nk buat ape..hehe..

btw, nice sharing..^^

Nurulee said...

i love to mix and match. and thank you. sharing is caring. hehe.

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Farah Arina: You are welcome.. keep browsing <3

Farah: It's okay, maybe you could browse the idea for certain occassion.

Sobri: Hehe.. You are welcome. No worries, chictopia got millions ideas for menwear.. even a simple white tee shirt could go for miles when it comes to style.

Nurul Syuhada: Thank you dear. It's okay, you could use the info for certain occassion.

Ai Syah: Polyvore is quite hard for amateur. But chictopia and lookbook are very nice to browse. Thank You <3

Nurulee: You are welcome <3

Lyaa Suriany said...

Suka fashion. cuma lately ke laut dah bab fashion.hehe. harmone mungkin

Aemy Nadira said...

i used to be addicted to Polyvore. hehe. but im not a high fashion girl..i do love fancy dress & nice bag & cute pair of wedges, but i tend to spend money on novels & food..hehe.
and honestly, i love your fashion sense, Anne. i love watching ur selfies & #ootd on Ig, you always dress prettily & look so beautiful ^^

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Aemy: Aww thankss aemy.. lemme kiss u. ya i have to admit once i go all out on clothes, i have little to spend on books. so to be committed with fashion is not really easy.

Akeyla Azmi said...

hi sis nuranne you gave us all big hope hehe. I just love to look at those fashions tops and bottoms and jackets and ughhhhh love it so much <333
thanks for sharing hehe.
Btw i came here from

hehe. she seems to adore u so much hehe.
Thanks again nuranne!!! :D :D <3

Miss Boo said...

thanks for this sharing anne :)

Azlan Strider said...

mix and match untuk lelaki xde ke??hehhe..menabung libresse sini..


zakira afina said...

i love this entry. and yes, before i go out, i will take a few times to think what to wear with :3 but i love it. for sure, i want to take care my personality haha.

Niesa said...

nice!thanks for sharing sbb bila bab fashion ni mmg kureng sikit..hihi

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Akeyla Azmi: Glad i could help. :x Aww thank you for the link dear. Sweet of you. Noted with a smile.

Strider: adaaaa... ada dalam chictopia tu. go and check it out bro. hehe.. thank u!

Zakira afina: of course dear. that's more important. thank you very much.