Thursday, May 08, 2014


It has been a long time since I posted some random talk.

No doubt, it seems I'm trying to inject ideas and tips in this blog hoping that it will be less personal. 

I was sorting out my labels and while doing that, I scrolled through that 500++ posts, in and out randomly. I got to admit that, I was a combination of mean and mehh blogger back then. I'm not proud of to some of my writing and a few posts when straight to the dustbin.

Hopefully as time goes by, this alter ago attic of writing develop into inspiration wise journalism.

Source: Mama Rachel Pinterest

Now talking about something personal, my affair towards books kind of passionate lately. Books have always been my great interest.  But occasionally, the buying and reading didn't put off a nice tango. Some of the books were halfway read and put away. Often I victimised the motivation books that I bought with a great deal.  

Being absolute pleasant and working with language cannot help one but being a bookworm. It's an investment and a lifetime homework for me in order to be rich in lexical and tangle free in grammar.

My bookshelf consists of fiction, non-fiction, fashion magazines, education (teaching) books and literature. I'm halfway reading The Book Thief. It was sooo good. 

My online reading bookmark consists of blogs, one direction rant, tesl tips and blogs (did i mentioned that?).

What's yours?


Farah said...

Hi kak. Do you know few specific sites for grammar tips?


Cinoi Lavigne said...

1st, me too. there are some of my old post that im not proud of. Belum matang kali ttime tu.

2nd, yeah i used to read some of my books halfway too. I preferred personal development books.

anyway, i think its my first time here since ages ago. Back to blog hoping.

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Hi baby. o be honest, i don't really refer online grammar, unless my book is sooo out of reach then i will do a quick google.

ok talking about book, one of my favourite grammar book is by Murphy. It's called Essential Grammar in Use (Raymond Murphy). u can download the pdf here. hope this helps.

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Cinoi lavigne: Welcome back hahha. ikr right...those posts are like minta kena tumbuk. but anyway, here i am, here we are. hopefully getting better.

Azlan Strider said...

unfortunately, im not into books..actually i only have a few books that usually not much to put on my own bookshelf. for time being, i share my book shelf with my sister..hehehe


Ai Syah said...

sy minat buku2 motivasi, novel2 islamik , novel fixi pun layan jugak . Sekarang tgh nak try psikology book pulak . Macam nice . hehe . =) .

Ssan said...

hi sis, i agree with your statement tht we, those in language field, can't help but to be a bookworm...luckily i am one in nature haha

Sobri Yaacob said...

apa yang saya boleh komen..english u memng super! kalau buku..mybe travel book..prefers magazine mcm maskulin.. ..tapi bukan mangga la bersenam utk kesihatan tu...he..he

Norsa Sara said...

Ya Allah I miss reading your blog cause I have stop blogging like yearssss. Now I made a new one, not sure if you ever remembered me (Safiah Sokher) now I'm Norsa Sara. Ngeehhh

back to the topic. Well, me too. I bought some books, read them halfway and even forget what the story about. Now, if I got some time, I read Cerita Cinta Ahmad Ammar. No doubt its a really really good books and I met arwah parents yesterday :)

Have you read it?

Norsa Sara said...


Cik Itah@RRP said...

salam. biasa layan novel cinta saja hahhahaha :D