Sunday, June 15, 2014

Singapore: Cable Car

Assalamualaikum and hello.

Continuation of  my short travel to Singapore.

After the USS visit. We went to experience the cable car. See, the original plan was to visit the marine aquarium but the place was about to close when we finished our uss. 

From uss you can take mrt to Imbiah station. From there, cable car is just a walking distance away.

Before reaching the cable car, you will able to see Sentosa Merlion. Unfortunately, we didnt get much sight seeing since we were running out of time. 

The cable car fare is $23 dollar per adult. You could get discount after 7pm. Soda, snack and superhero mask as complimentary. Great!

The cable car ride takes about 15 minutes.  There are three stations. It is a return trip from Sentosa Island to Harbourfront to Mount Faber. But you could stop in the middle of it. I suggest you to stop at Harbourfront because Singapore's biggest mall, VivoCity is just around the corner. Again, we couldn't enjoyed some shopping time because the mall was about to close when we reached it. Singaporean pun tidur awal. Bagus jugalah, budget pun sebenarnya tipis.

Here some pictures.

Sentosa Merlion at night.

This building able to change its colour from time to time

Tiger Sky Tower

If you have extra time, you could also enjoy the night view from Tiger Sky Tower. It's the tallest observatory in Singapore.

On your right side, you could see the cable cars.

While enjoying the view, suddenly one mentioned on the singapore cable car accident. Happened back in the 80's. A giant vessel's tower tugged the cables.

Terus duduk diam-diam kejap dalam cable car tu. Takut.

To be continued...

(post bukan main banyak part, cehhhh macam cuti seminggu..).

bear with me please, i'm trying to write as frequent as possible. but, for now i only have short post.



Sobri Yaacob said...

wow amzing view and shoot :P

Farah said...

Never know that Singapore has cable car. Hahahahais.

Cik Asma BLuppy said...

wahh. bestnya singapore!

Armstrong said...

Siok kan Singapore hehe. Especially Universal Studios. Nda besar sangat but puas hati la can go around whole day.

Singaporean manada tidur awal. Ko belum pigi Orchard area time malam haha.

Sia sini JB ja, nda ko kestau. Buli tjumpa wakaka.

Ba happy Tuesday, Ms. N! :D

Farah Arina said...

nice shoot :)

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Sobri Yaacob: Yes it is. Especially at night :)

Cik Asma: Yes dear. Very nice city.

Farah: hahaa.... i guess a cable car ride is a must in such tourist attraction.

Armstrong: Hi arms. It was a bit unplanned. Very kelam kabut. Haha.. sorry didnt manage to contact u. Is it? i miss a good night out la.

Farah Arina: Thank you dear

Sheila Salim said...

Assalamualaikum kak nuranne, salam ramadhan. sheila tak habis jejak singapore lagi, setakat masuk USS je tahun lepas. nak repeat lagi dalam masa terdekat sebelum pasport expired heee ~~~

lilies.john said...

i will definately going to visit singapore one day. soon. hopefully. hehe

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Sheila Salim: yes dear..nanti bila baby dah besar sikit ble bawa dia jalan2 gi uss tgk princess and sesame street.

Lilies.john: Plan your trip dear. It is an interesting city to explore.