Friday, June 06, 2014

Singapore: Universal Studio

Assalamualaikum. Hello.

I think this is the main reason of going to the lion city, to visit and have fun in USS. We only have three days to spend. Friday and weekend. So we tried to make the most out of that limited time.

Currency is currently at MYR 2.63 for SGD 1. MRT, taxis (with meter) and buses are easy to get. Hotels come with range of price. You could have a room from $70 to $200. Depends on your budget. An entrance ticket to USS will cost you around $90.

We started the whole experience by studying the uss map. Where to go, what to play, where to eat and so on. We try to maximize the time we have and silently make a little promise to bear the painful feet later.

The weather was behaving poorly, It was raining and suddenly sunny. It became so moist and you keep having this uncomfortable sweat. I had terrible sunburn and acnes later. 

Some of the sections in USS are Madagascar, Far Far Away, Waterworld, Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Sci-Fi City, Hollywood, and New York. Unfortunately, we learned that the big roller coaster in Battlestar Galactica was closed for good. Whyyy. Hopefully they will re-open it.

The rides and games were amazing. I love transformer ride the most. The queue was quite long especially at Sci-Fi city. But overall, nothing that gets in our nerves. All good. 

It was very crowded that it kills my mood to take pictures. I was sweating and every time I try to take a nice photo, aunty will suddenly passed by or a mat salleh also posing behind me or Ah Meng ntah dari mana photobomb. But if you want a clear picture, better make your own uss. Right back at my face.

We ended the amazing experience with a visit to some souvenirs store. Candy and chocolates to bring home. 

Here some pictures.

New York

Me and Sarah

A Far far away kingdom

Castle... my favourite

See it was so crowded

One of my favourite show. The girl is hot!

Egypt city

Anybody loves elmo?

What a great timing... Suddenly cookie monster was walking towards me.

To be continued...



Farah Arina said...

the school bus, so cute.
i miss singapore so much. <33
hmm bila lah dapat jalan jalan kat situ

Farah said...

The last picture is so cute! :D

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Farah Arina: kann... sesame street.
Plan your trip dear.

Farah: Hehe...cookie monster makes the picture even better.