Monday, June 30, 2014

Using Song In A Lesson pt 2


Continuation from this post Using Song In Lesson

Took me a long time to write the second post.

I'm going to give you this old lame excuse which is "I'm busy".

I'm very sorry. God knows how i want to write more often. It just that most of the posts stuck in my notepad. And bila rasa mau sambung tulis, the ideas already gone.

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Anyhow dig in the tips here. Hopefully it helps.


1. Jumbled Lyrics- Choose one song, preferably one with a narrative that tells story. Type the lyrics and then cut each line depending on level of difficulty. Firstly, ask them to guess the arrangement. Briefly discuss the arrangement prediction. Then play the song and asks them to re arrange the lyrics. Compare the result with their guessing.

2. Fill in the blank- Type the lyrics and leave out some words or phrases. As they listen to the song, asks them to fill in the blanks. This is suitable for listening skill for individual work.

3. Lyric writing-Give the students a theme related to today's lesson. Construct a new lyric that suit theme. You could integrate this lesson in literature class.

4. Synonym/ Antonym- Give the students a set of lyrics. Find and discuss the literal meaning of the lyrics. Change the lyrics by using synonym or antonym rules. It doesn't has to be word by word translation but could also in a whole sentence. This will be fun because you will come up with different lyrics with the same or opposite meaning.

5. Project- Assign each group to make a music video. Allocate reasonable time for them to prepare the project. Get update from each group regarding the idea and progress. 


1. Questionnaire- Ask students to make a set of questionnaire related to the hit chart. For example, have you ever listened to No 10 song?, do you think One Republic good enough to take up the no 1 spot? 

2. Our billboard-Ask each group to make their own billboard chart. 

3. Charade- Bring a 200 billboard chart in class. Form a group. Each group will try to guess as many song titles featured in the chart.


1. Magazine Interview- Ask five students to volunteer as members of a pop group. The rest of the students will form into several group and act like a reporter. Set a time for them to prepare the questions. To make it interesting, they could come up with hot news, debating on the meaning of the song or just basically making things up to spice up the interview session. Post the interview on your English board.

2. Descriptive writing- Ask the students to form a group. Ask each group to pick a singer/ musician and collect some information of that particular person. Present the information. End the class with writing a descriptive essay from any of the singer/musician presented.


1. Music Survey-Divide students into group. Ask them to create a set of questionnaire (15 questions) related to preference of music. For example: Do you know jazz music? What do you think of Michael Jackson song? Who is your and favourite singer and why? 

2. Extreme opinions/Debate: Prepare a debatable question. For example, You cannot study if you are listening to music? Old people cannot appreciate new music, or did magazines tell the truth.

There are plenty of ways to use music in your lesson. Don't be afraid to try a new material or method. After all you can't really stick to talk and chalk.

A little bit of loving note to my fellow readers who celebrate Ramadhan. May Allah ease your journey in this Al-Kareem month. 

Selamat berpuasa.

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Aemy Nadira said...

Waaaa this is really helpful! I'm gonna try this in teaching someday..kalau still boleh jd guru la..hehehe.
Happy fasting, Anne!

lilies.john said...

omoooooo.. suddenly i want to be a teacher. mesti fun teaching with music. especialy trend skrg Kpop! ahhaha

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Aemy: Thank you aemy. Glad it helps. Seek the opportunity aemy, you never knew where life takes u.

Lilies.John: haha...kelas bising la kalau guna music but it's not to try.