Thursday, July 03, 2014

Get casual! Get Keds!

Assalamualaikum and greeting.

Lately I keep looking for a perfect escape for my feet. A 3 inch heels in 7 days a week, is not working anymore. I ought to wear court shoes during work. But, during the weekend I would prefer something that is very laid back and chic at the same time. 

Perfect footwear is a must everywhere you go.  You don't want your outfit to look out of place. Plus, I think I'm starting to think seriously on wearing comfy shoes instead of trying my best strutting that painful heel.

I always thought that high heeled footwear is something that only works with dress and sneakers more well blend with pants. But I found something that is suitable for your casual day outings to the park paired with that white long maxi without having to suffer with painful feet. 

So if you are looking for casual but trendy shoes that you could wear to those beach parties or to the nearest cafe. No worries. Go and pick Keds! You will absolutely fall in love with the wide selection offered by Keds Malaysia. I just bought my leopard red Keds and it feels amazing.

Here's my own Keds...

Keds is a footwear brand founded in 1916 offering light weight canvas sneakers for its customers. The brand creates unique designs to capture the attention of women to be fashionable with Keds shoes. The quality of Keds shoes is great as it gives customers a comfort feel and the price is very affordable. Women will feel satisfied having Keds fashion shoes and slip on in their wardrobe collection as it gives you that tough but feminine look.

The designs are full of colours and catered to fit every individual's preference and personality. Keds canvas sneakers make you feel confident, brave and authentic.

Keds also provides opportunity for men to get rid of those plain old flip flop. Men now could perk up their outfit with these amazing looking shoes from Keds. No more dull looking shoes. The stylish but simple designs are suitable for men to be wearing the moment they step out of the house. 

Among the famous celebrities who look amazing with Keds shoes include the country pop singer, Taylor Swift and the cute actress known for her role in The O.C series, Mischa Barton. Taylor Swift pairs up her Keds fashion sneakers with a blue sweater and polka dot skirts without losing the feminine character. Meanwhile, Mischa Barton maintains her casual look wearing Keds with a stripe tshirt and a pair of blue jeans.

And of course what's better than shopping in comfort. You could get your hands on these wonderful Keds sneakers shoes by checking out its collection at Zalora. You could purchase any designs which suit your style and have it delivered right at your doorstep. Easy peasy.

Go get it at Zalora now.

opppss untie shoelace


Farah Arina said...

nice. lebih kurang macam vans cuma yang ni lebih comel lah kut, hihi. ;)

Cik Itah@RRP said...

salam. pun nak!

Farah said...

The last time I checked for Keds collection, macam tak mampu je nak beli >_<

lilies.john said...

eiii.. i love the shoes!!!
i have 2 shoes gini tp jarang pakai sbb kaki sy cepat berpeluh. :(

Armstrong said...

Cantik kasut tu. Stylo o terus si Nuranne. Tambah lagi jeans tu, lagi stylo haha.

But seriously, cantik tu kasut sebab simple but still cute.

Anyways, happy Wednesday! :)

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Farah Arina: Yes dear..more or less like Vans. Very comfortable. Thank you.

Cik Itah: hihi thank you... boleh order dekat Zalora.

Farah: hehe... ada sales dekat Zalora dear. Affordable.

Lilies John. My feet pun the sweaty type. But with this one I seldom wear socks. Sangat selesa.

Arms: hahaha...thank you buddy. glad that the stylo jadi... it's very comfy too. nda tahan saya pakai heels ja all the time.

miss fifi said...

looks nice but I'm more of a flats girl :D

Faqia Faiqotul Mutmainah said...

it looks like vans btw. But very nice!

Azlan Strider said...

stylo..stylo...hehehe..better tie up the shoe lace before u fall...hehee


Nurul Asyikin said...

sorry nak tye... beli kat zalora u saiz ape? nak beli tapi xtau saiz?
kindly reply me please n 1 more,kalau beli kat zalora original ke x?

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...
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nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

miss fifi: oohh ballerina shoes. me too on certain occasions.

Faqia: yes it is... but taylor swift wearing it kinda a temptation.

Azlan Strider: haha...i will bro.

Nurul Asyikin: Mine is always the smallest size. So for US size, 5. UK 2.5. Yes dear original. You could see from the tagging and everything