Friday, July 18, 2014

Joy of flying

Assalamualaikum and good morning.

I'm not good with impromptu writing. Frequently I ended up with disheveled ideas if I'm rushing it. I'm comfortable with writing calmly, keep it away for days then come back again for lavish finishing. That's apply to my blog as well.

But in this solemn morning, where I believe the nation, my nation is grieving over the lost of MH17 in the eastern part of Ukraine, I figured that I want to share a little bit of thoughts. Hoping that my humble joint of words will not bring any disturbance.

My first memory of flying is with Malaysia Airline. The feeling of going home or to a vacation is always exciting. I used to plan what I should wear, how should i do my hair so that it will be comfortable to rest my head or debating whether I should bring extra reading. In fact, I still plan on certain occasions. That's my own joy of flying. 

Few days ago, last Wednesday to be exact, I went to the airport to pick up someone. The person said his arrival will be quite later, and he refused to make me drive and wait that late. But I insisted. We didn't get dinner or a drink after that. Just a silly conversation of 15 minutes to his house. A pleasant feeling. That's also a part of my own joy of flying. In this case, of waiting.

After 17 years...

Imagine if that arrival never happened. 

Some of the passengers eager for holiday. A few holding infants. Some excited to meet their family back in Malaysia. Mums or kids waiting in the airport. And their arrival never happened. Such a sad thing that their own joy of flying was robbed.

One of our Tesl family was on board. This is heartbreaking. Deepest condolences to her family and acquaintances.

Madam Jc...

Official statement from UMS

My condolences, deep thoughts and prayers to the victims and family of MH17.


Cik Itah@RRP said...

salam dear :) memang sangat sedih.. :'(

al-fatihah dan salam takziah buat semua keluarga dan sahabat penumpang MH17..

Farah Arina said...

menangis bila tengok wanita hari ini kat tv pagi tadi. tak boleh bayangkan kalau diri sendiri atau family yang ada dalam flight tu.

al fatihah dan salam takziah buat semua keluarga penumpang dan krew mh17.

Farah said...

I'm so sad when I first read the news yesterday :(

Armstrong said...

Yea, it was really shocking hearing about it last night at midnight. I slept so late looking at all the news updates.

Whenever I fly, I always have motion sickness. So, with all the tragedy that happened, I sure wish I could just go back to Sabah and just stay there with family and friends.

Sorry to hear about Madam Jc. Sincerely.

Hope we all get answers as soon as possible. This disaster is unacceptable.

Nurul Farahizzati Zakaria said...

Sampai sekarang, perkara ni masih lagi menghantui rakyat malaysia :'(

Cik Itah@RRP said...

salam. singgah sini sebelum bercuti raya esok hehe

salam jumaat & selamat hari raya serta salam kosong kosong hee ^_^

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Cik Itah: Thank you cik itah. Ya sedih dan terkesan tambah2 lagi bila mau musim perayaan gini. Selamat bercuti juga dear. Selamat hari raya dan maaf zahir batin.

Farah Arina: Yes dear. Sedih sangat..kita yang sebabgai kenalan jauh pun cukup terasa. When it comes to death, it's very tiring. Because you never get to see them again.

Farah: Me too dear. Tambah lagi bila ada kenalan terlibat.

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Armstrong: Thank you buddy. I'm very sorry too. At first I was like mh370 dah jumpa...ehh turned out it's another disaster. So heartbreaking. See... i do sometimes get motion sickness too... I don't quite like the smell of a plane. Bikin pening...minum jus tambah pening @_@.

Nurul Farahizzati Zakaria: Yes dear.. it's so sad. Hopefully the family victim stay strong.

Azlan Strider said...

Al- Fatihah and Takziah to all the family members of MH17...Kesian mereka yang menjadi mangsa keadaaan..