Friday, July 25, 2014

Singapore: Singapore Zoo

Assalamualaikum and hello everybody.

This is the third part of my short vacation to the Lion's City.

We started off the day really early. After studying the MRT and bus route to the Zoo on the night before, we decided it's best to go out real early as the journey will take some transport changing and distances to cover.

Take MRT train to Ang Mo Kio Station and then take Bus 138 at the Bus Interchange. The bus ride will takes you around 30 minutes (if it's a clear road). As usual if you are taking the bus might prepare some small changes for the fare.

Adult admission to Singapore Zoo will costs you $28 dollar and children, $18.  I suggest you to book your ticket online especially if you are travelling at peak season. You definitely want to avoid the long queue at the ticket counter. If you spare the whole day for animal sight seeing. Then it is best to book along Night Safari or River Safari which located only a walking distance from the Zoo.

There are some food outlets and convenient store located at the main entrance. So no worries on kids being grumpy for food. The food prices range from $7 to $15.  After a delicious brunch, to the zoo we go!

Here some pictures from the trip:

Very interesting road signs

My favourite animal...crocodile. I find them the cutest.

White tiger looking restless at that time

This is a very difficult shot (at least for me). Semua orang berebut mau tangkap gambar rama-rama. By the way the butterflies' cage is very interesting to explore

I don't like birds. They look scary. I give hundred thoughts whether or not to cross that bridge. The birds look ready to jump on my face.

Bat.... my favourite shot as well

We went to the polar bear's house three times before we managed to get a glimpse of this fella. I thought they supposed to look white. But somehow he/she looks green. Hmmm this is when i give zoo a second thought.

There are some interesting animal shows that you could watch. But mostly starts later at the evening.


The beautiful river that surrounds the zoo

Meowww...U look tame enough.

I promise you, the next part will be the last one...


Happy holiday and Selamat Hari Raya.

Let's get overdose with air sirap and batang buruk.


Farah said...

Love the white tiger :D

Farah Arina said...

i can see kim jong kook and kwang soo xD

Zizie Zack said...

Zoo kat malaysia pun xpernah masuk ni.. hahaha

Azlan Strider said...

WOW....ade white tiger laa kat sana...its something rare tu....


Hana Soffelia said...

Ok kwangsoo tak boleh blah ok. nak tergelak akak.. Plz dont forget tiger also. kehkeh