Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bigfoot Johor Bahru

Assalamualaikum and hello.

Johor Bahru-16 August 2014

A minute here to drop some pictures when I was in JB. 

These pictures were taken in Bigfoot, JB....where portion of the food is the literal of the shop's name.

And later at night in Pasar Karat Segget.

Night out at a chic place. 

Big food....like literally.

Strawberry Mint Tea. The best tea I have ever had.

Because you need other criminals

Nothing could go wrong with this vintage stall.


Michelle Sung said...

such a cozy place! and nice pics :)

Tom Rungitom said...

I can spend hours rummaging through those old stuff. :D

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Michelle Sung: Yes it is. too bad it is in Jb, so far away.. hihi. Thank you very much mich :)

Tom Rungitom: Kannn... very2 interesting. Ada lampu minyak, old mirror, ashtray, cameras, posters. Tapi.. I didnt stayed long afraid i keep my friend waiting.