Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tips in Taking Instagram Photo


and hello.

Do you have an instagram account? I'm pretty sure most of us have an instagram, whether to post pictures or glimpsing what our friends been up to. It's like the second facebook.

Often i want to be creative in my account, but most of the time i ended up jeopardizing it with my personal life. A kaki selfie, i am.

Here's mine. Err...

i create the canvas in Canvas Pop

So you might want to beautify your account or awe your followers with some amazing photo. Let me present to you 8 small important steps in instagraming.

1. Main Camera
Take the photo using your main camera. Avoid using the application because it will reduce the resolution and quality. Avoid using multiple application for editing. Again, it will damage the quality.

2. Maintain the cropping style/border
If you are the type that use invisible background, then it is best to continuously use that. Some of the pictures are really good that it is such a pity that we have to crop it. Hence we use background. One of the idea is to maintain the colour of the background, then you will have a similar pattern. If you like a black background, then black all the way. For me, I'm definitely cropping type. Maintaning invisible background. most of us feel sayang to crop the photo. then invisible background is the solution

3. Straight line
This is important for a beach maniac like me. If you have a horizontal line of beach, pole, door, or anything with a line, then always get it straight. I think this tips apply not only to instagram but to any photo taking. I get very itchy when I see a photo with a slope.

Straighten the line. It will make a big difference.

4. Focus
Don’t shake when you are taking picture. Hold the camera still. Important to tap the focus button and let your phone stabilize.

5. Enough Light
Not enough light and blurry picture is such a turn off. Make sure you have the sunlight. For me the brighter, the better. Not to the extent of overexposed. Flower looks dull without the sunlight. See…I'm trying to say that you are a flower.

6. Filter or not.
Will the photo looks blended with the background. For example, "Toaster" filter will makes your photo looks reddish. But if the flower is red already, choosing a Toaster filter will makes your subject blend with the background or light. We want to make the subject stand out. It is okay to drop the filter and use the original instead.

7. Concept
If you have a concept that would be good. For example food, all-me, fashion, panorama. But most of us settle in instagram because of personal matters. So the photos uploaded were basically a combine of everything in our life. i'm just suggesting that if you want to take instagram to another level, you could start with a concept.

8. Don’t steal!
Repost, YES. Steal, NO!. If you have to because you really like that picture, then quote it and tell the exact source.

Here some amazing account of instagram. I screenshot them weeks before so it might not be the updated one. White background and enough lighting Love the choice of filter. the subject really stands out He mostly posts places and scenery. put selfies like all the time. but his instagram still looks fantastic! dope!

Now feeling hype up about your instagram? Go and take pictures.

If you don't have one... go and make an account!

Hope this post helps.

See ya again.



Mimiey Lyna said...

I've always wanted to take an amazing instagram photo but it always turned out bad. These tips are really useful! :)

Farah said...

omg! All the pictures are beautiful! :D

Thanks for the tips :)

Anne Nurain said...

bestnya tengok ig diorang..
cek balik ig sndr, tetiba rasa down sbb ig serabut.. hahaha..

Cik Itah@RRP said...

salam. nice tips dear hehee biarpun sy takda IG heee :D

Normi Nieza said...

bw ptg..:)

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Mimiey Lyna: hehe. Thank you very much. Your insteg is pretty bah. <3

Farah: Thank you Farah. ig u apa dear... mind sharing here.

Anne: Saya pun suka stalk instag yg lawa2 ni. Cari inspirasi. Nice bah your ig. hehe.

Cik itah: Buatlah instag cik itah. best.

Normie Nieza: Thank you.

Aisya A. said...

boleh log in guna pc stalk gambar org je skrg. sobs. gatal tangan nak snap2 gambar and post kat IG, but then lupa pulak guna phone zaman tok kaduk yg tak boleh install IG sementara tunggu phone sendiri siap kena repair. aigoo..

Ruth Christy said...

hehe kaki selfie juga la haha jan risau sis, nanti sya tulung like juga ;D

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Aisya A.: yes dear. me as well, always use pc to view my newsfeed. it's easier and bigger. harap2 phone you dah ok.

Ruth: Indeed! I like yours as well. *wink*