Friday, September 05, 2014

5 small gestures in life.

Assalamualaikum and hello.

The ideas that you were about to read not endeavor to be a fine sense or slip an  immense significance in your life. Nothing close to that. Reaching the end of my words, you might them dull. But it's merely a thought that I want to share. Hopefully the 10 minutes of dipping this post will be useful.  

So, here goes nothing...

1. Develop your photo

Develop your photo. Arrange them nicely in the album. As out-of-date this is sounds, it could bring little joy 10 years later. I'm lucky because my mum always remind me to print my photo. I understand that photo printing costs a lot these days. The least you could do is to arrange it nicely in a folder. Rename the folder “140530 KK Trip” instead of just “Holiday”. Backup the files in case technology gone wrong. I lost a smartphone before. The most upset thing is, I didn’t save my videos when I was doing my practicum in Smka Tunas. The fuming on that incident will never go away as I am someone who keeps mémoire alive with the helps from photo and video. So spare a little bit of your time to arrange and keep your photo neatly.

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2. Own a piggy bank

Having a jar full with coins and $1 notes maybe will not bring great impact to your financial. But it’s the little pleasure you get when watching your money grow (not literally). At most you could collect RM 1000 in a year or maybe more depends on the notes you put in and how big is your jar. But I reckon you put small notes or coins to avoid the temptation. A jar full with RM 50 notes will be a silent invitation to the clothes shop. Put your piggybank on your bookshelves so that every family member could donate a coin a day. Avoid putting it in public where it will be appealing to the thief. At the end of the month, the money maybe enough only for a cake. But it’s better than none.

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Or it will be interesting to label your piggy bank with "Adventure", "Concert Ticket:. It's like a target or reminder for you. Sweet!

3. Greet your ex teacher

“I can sense your motive here anne”

Hahaha…. Well I gotta admit, working as a teacher makes me write this. As a teacher, it feels really good when you get a greeting, handshake or any form of remembrance from your ex-students. And yes I still keep in touch to some of my teachers from primary school until university. There were some incidents where I greet my teacher then they said something like….

Cikgu: “Oh ni yang satu kelas sama Maya
Saya: (Maya mana lagi ni???)…ya mungkin la tu cikgu, saya ni batch yang SPM tahun 2005.

It’s okay if they don’t remember you. I don’t think this sweet gesture will blossom anger. After all, some of our teachers are very senior, have served for 15 years, taught more than 5000 students. It’s normal if they cannot recall everybody’s name.

4. Listen to oldies (vice versa pop songs)

Listen to different music today. Different years, different age, different tempo. 

Don’t be so stiff when it comes to music preference. Enlighten your mood, boost your energy with some new tunes. You could find it enjoyable to do such things. If you constantly listen to english song, maybe you want to try some or kpop songs. I reckon 2ne1 missing you (quite outdated). Listen to the local song. Well this is a bit tricky because listening to a song without understanding the language might be a pain. Try some relaxing instrumental or inspiring religious songs.

5. Do a Bucket List

You will never be too young or too old for a bucket list. Set your life list, something that you want to achieve before you die or before the year ends. Plan, draft and refine your list. It doesn't have to be a big step, start with something small. For example, camping by the beach. And of course it could go as big as holding your own clothing line. 

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That's all peeps...

Hope you found something useful.

Love ya cakes!



Ssan said...

I love that number from Clear Bandit! And yes I'm an oldies hunter, been one for few years now...
Would love to try all these 5 small gestures, been wanting to own a piggy bank...but life gets hard and there goes my will, sigh, haha

Farah said...

My mom asked me to do number 1 all the time.

And I agreed with number 2. It really makes me happy when my jar is full.

miss fifi said...

my piggy bank never lasts for more than a month, so I learned early on to just give up whenever the thoughts of keeping one pops into my head lol

Lyna Ismail said...

All of these 5 small gestures are just beautiful. I always do number 3, 4 & 5. Wants to do number 2 but always end up emptying it haha. Number 1 is something I Love to do the most!

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Ssan: Glad you like the song too. It's okay dear. I'm a working woman but sometimes I only put 50 cent in my jar. haha. You never know where this jar will leads you.

Farah: Right. mak2 are a bit old school. they don't like browsing the folder.

miss fifi: Haha.. hold the temptation dear. you could do it. yeahh!

Lyna Ismail: Thank you dear. Btw miss u here. Kan..number 1 is my favourite. best bila dapat pegang gambar2 tu.

Sya Syahirah said...

omgg i'm so in love with this post and.. this is my first time reading yours! i'll try to do the 2nd and 5th :)

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Sya Syahirah: thank you dear. love u.