Friday, September 19, 2014

Singapore: Marina Bay, Skypark.

Assalamualaikum and hello.

This is a basi post. 

A continuation of a long forgotten Singapore trip. This blog has endured a big amount of procrastination of the owner.

Anyhow, big greeting to everyone.

I'm saving the last part of my Singapore Trip for the best (at least to me).

*foot-tapping rolls*

I went to Marina Bay Sands, Skypark, Observation Deck. You know the three identical building with a ship on it. Not a real ship. 

The observation deck is located on the 3rd tower. The fee is about $25 and only valid for one time entrance.

If you wish to travel using MRT, it will be the at the last stop of Circle Line (Yellow). And of course it is reachable by other transports. They are shopping mall, museum, hotel lobby and restaurants in the tower 3.

Out of curiosity, I found out that the rate of room in Marina Bay is approximately $400 per night. Don't you think it sounds so affordable for the singaporean yet so gila mahal for Malaysian. Well it does sounds pricey for a marhaen me.

The view was awesome. Mind that Singapore is a great city, with great building, surrounded by sea, hundreds of ships, a fine line of roads and flyover, cable car not so distance away, singapore flyer, spectacular water show beneath the tower and decorates with an amazing laser lights on every corner of the skypark. You just have to see it yourself.

So if you are going to Singapore, don't miss out this amazing landmark. Until then here's some pictures.

(May 30, until June 1, 2014)

Thank you everyone. Lots of love.



Farah said...

Saya pergi Singapore tapi tak pergi sini. Rasa macam sedih gila pula :(

Armstrong said...

I've been to Singapore lots of time but I haven't been to the Observation Deck. Ganjil kan wakaka.

Happy Monday tmr yo.

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Farah: Xpa dear, maybe you could plan it again. There's always a chance for next time.

Armstrong: It's okay, since singapore is your city as well, you could always go. U too Arm..nice day :)