Friday, December 19, 2014

Manila: Luneta Park and Manila Ocean Park

Assalamualaikum and hi.

So this is the last part of my Manila trip. Going to wrap it up here.

I spend the last day casually strolling in Luneta Park. We got off early and again praying to have a sunny day.

Turned out the weather as perfect as it could be. The shine from the sun was not disgruntled and the rain was reposing. I couldn't ask for more.

There is a funny situation where I was requesting for an iron in our hotel room. The housekeeping worker keep asking me to repeat my request and he sounds very confused. He said they didn't provide that. I thought it's a common thing. So I'm the first person to ever made such request. Maybe I mentioned it wrongly. Should I say electrical iron? or clothes iron? Maybe I'm not being clear enough. Basically I walked around the whole day with folded hijab.

Luneta Park in the early morning.

Second day in Luneta Park

Mak suggested we take a trishaw, just to get the feel of it. Well I'm up for a little adventure. Besides the park is one minute away. Turned out I ended up panicking and a giggling mess. Our cycler just placidly went to the opposite direction of the lane, crossed a moving vehicle, got honked, sisip here sisip sana.  These guys rocking the road like a champ. No rules whatsoever. It was "I-want-it-that-way" all along. 

But it was fun tho. I keep recording video during the ride and mak in the same time keep warning me that it's dangerous. My hand could get hurt because of a moving car passing by or my phone could easily slip from my hand.

I went to Luneta Park twice on a different day. It was so close to our hotel. That's explained the different outfit in my photos. What can I say about Jose Rizal monument? Looking at it reminds me of growing up listening to my grandparents story and looking at mak's photos in Philippines. When we first arrived at the statue, I studied my mak's face. That place must brings a lot of memory to her. She used to be there with her family whom many have left us. She insisted on taking photo in front of this food stall. It was closed but she was looking happy and amused. I refused to ask why.

It was a very wonderful experience. A tranquil one, if you allow an exaggeration. There's nothing much to do except for sight seeing, quiet walking while listening to the music played and photo taking. I saw some people jogging and a group of students practicing their dancing. Well, memang tidak la aku jogging pula kan.

The sky looking very cloudy. Only few hours after the typhoon has stopped.

First day in Luneta Park

The next stop is Manila Ocean Park, which is only located a walking distance of 5 minutes from Luneta Park. Tapi lebih kepada sesi melintas jalan sesuka hati. Careful people! It's a heavy traffic and you could get hit by a car. An adult ticket will costs you you from P500 to P1100 depending on your selected attractions.

Ticket : Deep Sea Rush 5

Ticket price : P550 (~RM45)
Attractions : Oceanarium, Jellies Exhibit, Sea Lion Show, Sharks and Ray Dry encounter and Fish Spa.

Above: They were the lazy sharks. Asyik berehat.
Left (below): Sea lions and their good looking trainers
Right (below): Main entrance

You could find more information on Manila Ocean Park in this website

And of course, you always need to have the last minute shopping. Hence I'm a happy traveler.

A lot of people asked me on Halal Food in Manila. Do you remember what I mentioned in my first post on what I google the most? It was public transport. Halal food was the second. I got to admit that it was very difficult to find a Halal restaurant. We came across one Mediterranean restaurant (Arya Persian) in Robinson Mall and one Indonesian restaurant in SM Mall of Asia. 

I reckon you to google and print out the maps. Mark as many restaurants as you can. The road and junction could be tricky and some taxi drivers are not familiar with certain area. Hence the only option you have is looking at the map.

This link helps me a lot in finding the Halal restaurant #tips

Rice and kebab

There was a minor incident happened on the day we went back to Kota Kinabalu. We went to the wrong terminal. It was my fault because I failed to recheck our flight status. Thank goodness that the correct terminal is only 15 minutes away. We got on the plane safe and sound.

Hence, another friendly reminder to always check your flight status and prepare some emergency money in a separate envelope. You never know what could happened to you. #tips

I think that's all for my Manila trip. Thank you for reading. Here's my Manila budget estimation (per person):

Plane tickets (return tickets): ~RM 300-RM500 (peak season will be around Christmas and New Year)
Hotel (per night): ~RM70-RM200 (depends on your preference)
Food (per day): ~RM50 
Shopping: Ikut nafsu masing-masing

Me trying to do the typical pose of holding statue on top of your hand. But mak said she didn't know to to take that kind of photo. So it ended up looking like this. =_=

Lots of love.

Manila (14 September 2014 - 17 September 2014)

Flying kisses and happy weekend.

p/s: I'm having difficulty in uploading the video. Hurmm...hurmmm. Will update the photos later.


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Assalamualaikum awak. wahh cantiknya awak. ehh gambar mak awak tak letak sekali? hehe bestnya travel.