Thursday, December 11, 2014

Weekend at Sg. Daling, Sandakan

Assalamulaikum and Hi.

I had amazing experiences participating in community work when I was a student. It’s one of my passions back in schooldays. Although there were times I doubted my good side especially when I was having a difficulty to shower in a rural area. I’m not a clean freak, just someone who likes to smell good.

May the blessing will always be with you lovely villagers.

So last weekend, I went to Sg. Daling, Sandakan. You cannot find this place in google map. Thus it gives you the first impression that it's a rural area. I was assigned to do promotional activity and at the same time supporting the community work organized by the co-curricular centre of our university. It's a 20 minutes journey from the main road and another 20 minutes on gravel road. The view is nothing but a non-stop palm oil trees. You can’t entertain yourself with the internet since the mobile coverage was poor. 

Extra notes, the car that we used can only go up to 90km per hour. Otherwise the engine will stop and only will restart after 3 hours. It’s a rent car, thus the limit speed is in the package. What! My 1.3 small car can go up to 120km per hour in Telupid and Beluran area.

But I believe you need to embrace the poor side and at the same time treasure the sweet side of every adventure. Otherwise you’re just going to be a boring person. 

I got a chance to meet the villagers and my ex-asasian students. There's a lot of kids gathering around our booth and conversed with me and my colleague. The main reason was because we brought some goodies with us. So they were hovering over these free bags, pens, notepads etc. I had some good and funny conversations with the kids using my thick Tawau slang.

Me: Siapa nama mu ni?
Kid: Hakim
Me: Berapa umur?
Kid: 8 tahun.
Me: Darjah dua la ni kan. Bapa kerja apa?
Kid: (sambil angguk2). Bapa saya kerja angkat tanah
Me: Mamak? (mamak=ibu)
Kid: Mamak saya kerja di rumah.

(That's the essence of honesty from a child)

And other countless conversation with Lisa, Jipun, Shikin, Lombok, Jumat, Hakim….who called me either aunty or makcik. (=_=). Ada-ada ja melayan dorang ni.

Making new friends sangat

 It was a humble experience to be there.

Till my next writing.


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Niesa said...

pengalaman yg menyeronokkan jgak kan?suka dnga slang sabah..rasa rindu plak nk ke sabah..