Monday, January 19, 2015

Tips: Saving Money on Clothes Shopping

Assalamualaikum and hi.

Are you having trouble controlling your budget on clothing? Why do every time we go in store, everything looks pretty. Then it gets prettier when you try it. The next second we know it’s in our shopping bag.

I understand if some of you are having troubles in cutting your expenses. I do too. Trust me, I’ve been there. Who am I kidding? I’m always there. This will forever be my problem. I’m constantly juggling my budget on clothes. I’m a minimalist when it comes to makeup and hair product. That put the pity in my shopping list.

I want to share with you some tips that might help you to not busting your budget on clothes and at the same time creating a decent habit of shopping. Hope some of this helps:

1. In store/ On line?
Online shopping is very tempting especially if you live in a place where there are limited choices of clothes and you yourself have countless social media. The picture looks good, the price is affordable and very easy. One text to the seller and tadaa your new skirt is at your doorsteps the next morning. What more could you ask? But I’m someone who prefers to buy in an actual store. I like to try on clothes and see if it really fits. Shopping online could get very addictive.  I would suggest you to limit it as possible. But I wouldn’t take online shopping completely off the list. We’re living in a virtual dependency world.

2.Predict future markdowns/ know your calendar
I’m a sucker on Mango. If the whole shopping mall is on sale, I still and always go back to Mango. They offer the perfect XS/S size for me.  I kinda learned the tricks after few years. I know the nicest sale will be at the mid and end year. Plus they always have this further discount after christmas. But there’s a downside to this, the sizes are limited. Smallest size usually the leftovers, so I’m quite lucky (soon broke).

3. Check multiple store
If it is a general style like slim fit jeans, compare the prize first in the other store. There is no need for the rush. But if you are a fan for certain brand, then this cannot be help.  

4. Clothes you can wear year around/ Stick to the basic
Basic colour, plain will be useful. Colourful and flowery pattern tend to go off season very soon.

5. Don’t go for double, triple or
You don’t need three leather jackets and another three identical black sweater. I know some people fond certain styles or this one particular colour. But you could save a lot of money by not duplicating your look. If you have one black sweater, then it’s enough.

6. Buy quality garments
If you are going to use it frequently, splurge some money on a quality garment. For example, a black khakis pants for work.  You are going to wear that pants for a good amount of time.  Thus by investing a little bit more cash, you’ll get something which is long lasting.

7. Know your style
I am someone who will never wear a knee length blouse. I am short and I look even shorter in that. By being honest to yourself you wouldn't waste money on these clothes even though it’s cheap or on sale or pretty.

8. Go easy on one side
If you like clothes, go easy on makeup. If you like shoes, you might want to go easy on the handbag. Or you could plan something like, no new shoes in February, May, August and November. Handbag strictly in December.  It will be your own secret rules. This is a very little yet working step in controlling your shopping. You want everything?  Well girl you got to work harder to satisfy those shopping lust.

9. Don’t buy!
This needs a lot of motivation and effort. But ask yourself if you really need it or you just trying very hard to keep up with what everybody else is wearing. Maybe you get caught in an upset moment and the only way out  to happiness is to buy new clothes. Stop! Go buy some ice-cream instead. Just because it’s on sale, doesn't mean you need to go and buy it.

10. Donate/Sell your clothes
Sell your clothes if you don’t use them anymore. There are many shops/buyers that accept and like pre-loved items. Or simply donate them to other people who need it. If you don’t use it in 6 months, let it go. Festive season is the perfect time to do some good deeds. Drop your clothes in the charity box.

You Spend On “Average” Rather Than “Awesome”.
Instead of saving for a statement piece for your wardrobe or a relaxing holiday, you’re a sucker for cheap, seasonal buys. It might tick the short-term satisfaction box but it isn’t nearly as rewarding as saving up and spending your cash on something special. “Think of quality clothing and holidays as investments,” explains Cannon. “Holidays give you memories to last a lifetime and good clothes sell you.”

(CLEO, "7 reasons why you are still broke"  March 2014)

p/s: Believe me darlings, I only practiced like 2 out of 10 topics here. I’m trying as well.


Sheila Salim said...

Assalamualaikum awak. wahh nice tips. ye sheila skrg ada satu masalah besar. asyik teruja tengok dress/baju untuk nursing friendly. ekekeee, jenuh gak nak tepis. tapi sejak ada planner ni, more carefull sebab boleh track my expenses. hahahha paling2 pun terbeli baju anak je. ahhaha.

Armstrong said...

Cool list of advice yo. However, doesn't apply to me mainly cuz I don't online shop or even often shop anywhere haha.

Happy Wednesday later yo hehe.