Wednesday, February 11, 2015

of chaperoning at BTN, Kundasang

Assalamamualaikum and hi

(warning-mix languages involved in writing)

I spend my last weekend chaperoning my students at BTN, Kundasang. It was a 3 days and 2 nights programme. I'm not going to tell you on the activities held. Rasanya you boleh agak apa pengisiannya kalau pegi BTN.

So here goes some random notes.

Perfect place for discussion.

You know what, I always want something like in the picture above for my teaching and learning. It's perfect for discussion and group work. Tapi di Kundasang boleh lah buat macam ni where the weather is always below 25 degree celcius and windy is a promise. Kalau buat di KK yang terik ni, sunbathing jadinya, aku takut yang mengajar tu menangis.

Above: one of them is the Penghulu...haha. try to guess.
Below: Ice-breaking

Well I had a great weekend and was overdosed with laugh.

Rasanya aku lagi banyak ketawa dari bercakap.

Wrinkles 2 3 garis hilang.

But my chapped lips were very bad. I keep tasting my own blood.

Mount Kinabalu.

I was waiting for the majestic Mount Kinabalu to be naked since day 1. It was very misty. Putih ja nampak. Langsung tak keluar.

Day 2 still the same. Later at night it was raining.

Day 3, 5.00 am nope, 6.00 am still no sign of it. 7.06 am there it is. Completely naked and at its best.

Konon mau mandi, but I ended up grabbing my camera and going from one spot to another to get the best view.

Spot me?

The chaperon

Kem BTN Kundasang, Sabah (5 Feb until 7 Feb 2015)

That's all.

Sorry for the short post.


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