Monday, March 02, 2015

Kuantan, Pahang: Pantai Teluk Cempedak

Assalaualaikum and hi.

I was in Kuantan weeks ago, working.

It was my first time visiting Kuantan.

So before I departed to that city I keep asking some friends on what's big in Kuantan. You know, something we could plunge for a good one or two hours.

Most of the respond I received said, nothing major. Most of places to visit are outside Kuantan city.

So a classic me turned to TripAdvisor. The suggestion is Teluk Cempedak.

Some photos here:

Above: East Cost Mall
Below: Sultan Ahmad Shah International Convention Centre

The huge stones remind me of Victoria Secret's swimsuit photoshoot

Hi there buddy... jangan tenung sangat k...i nervous

We took a cab from East Cost Mall and it costs us rm15. The journey took us 15 minutes.

Well, it was a beautiful sandy beach with huge stones. There's local vendors, souvenir shop, food outlet and a 5-stars hotel of Hyatt Regency.

There's a wooden platform for stroller heading to another beach. And talking about this platform, apart from meeting another visitor, you will also find troop of monkeys. The monkeys are scary. They snatched plastic or food from visitors. I learned that they are the long-tailed macaques. Long tail ka, no tail ka.. i don't like monkeys. :(

Kalau ada monyet tiba-tiba melompat ni, rasanya pengsan ka tidak...

Kuantan, Pahang (13 feb until 16 feb 2015)

Thank You.


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Lyna Ismail said...

I like the way you dress. Cantik. :) Oh hi its been awhile :D