Sunday, March 29, 2015

Manila: Ayala Triangle Park

Assalamualaikum and Hi.

In case  you are wondering how did I get my timeline in the previous post. Easy peasy. Keep a short journal while travelling and take photos in case you want to remember certain/exact time. You could left click the photo and see the date and time. Make sure your camera get the correct setting.

Warning there will be lots of blogger's photo in this post. Read at your own risks. Any pedih mata or annoying feeling occurs will not be under the blogger's responsibility. 

Second day started.

Saturday, 21st of March 2015

5.33 am,

Mama: Jam berapa jalan?
Me: 6.30?
Mama: *Continue wearing earphones and watching Youtube*

I noticed my ma looked a bit shocked. Usually I'm the one whose being grumpy and all groggy in the early morning. But I was up early and wasting no time but to shower then dress up. I'm planning to go for a stroll in a park in this morning. So I have chosen to wear my black skirt and crop top long sleeve shirt. Together with a black tudung. Which I rarely, rarely, wear. Due to my lecturer saying  "Avoid black tudung, it makes you look older".

Alhamdulillah, it was smooth for us to get taxi. To Ayala Triangle Park we go!

You see in my previous visit to Manila. I grew fond to Luneta Park. I think big, clean, serene park is essential in every city. Ayala Triangle Park is definitely different than Luneta Park. Ayala Triangle Park is located in the heart of Makati, the high rise and business district of Manila. This park is surrounded by skyscrapers and in a shape of triangle. Makati in daylight was different to me. You could clearly see the building, road and less people around.

Buildings surrounding the park

7.18 am

As I strolled, I noticed that I might be wearing the wrong attire. People were jogging or walking their dog. But there I was, being graceful in all the wrong place, all the wrong time. The flowy skirt seems to be out of place. Maybe pants and hoodie will make the situation less awkward. However, I couldn't care nonetheless. Just gunneh continue to enjoy my time. Coming back to the dog, I finally saw a husky! I've always wanted to see one in front of my eyes. You know like how tall it is. The owner was so kind to let go the leash and allowed me to take photo. I expect them to be fierce, barking so loud. Turned out this fella was kinda penakut. The smaller dog keep chasing and barking at him. Poor guy! Most of the dog were small breed tho like terrier, maltese. Some of them were walked around in a stroller. Macam baby.

Hello there buddy.

Street of Makati


Love the tree. Back there, you could see some coffee houses and restaurants.

There are some coffee houses and restaurants of local food. Perfect for heat relieving. But I must warned my muslim fellow to be careful in choosing your dining place. It's very difficult to find halal food. Kalau dah jumpa satu kedai roti canai, kedai tu lah yang dimasuk sampai 4 hari. Manila has very limited options when it comes to halal food. Moreover I don't reckoned you to sit in the open air area, since I saw some of the dog's owner let their dogs sit on the chair. So yeah...

7.51 am,

My coffee break is at Coffee Bean. More like Vanilla break. I don't drink coffee tho. One more thing I like about Manila is, it's easy to get wi-fi facility. The connection is good and the staff very assisting. Talking about the staff, in the middle of our break, one of the staff approached me and my mama. She introduced herself as the new worker. And seems like shes asking feedback. But as the conversation continued. She found out that we are not local and from Malaysia. Her name is Mhika.

Mhika: So hows Malaysia. Is it like manila?
Me: Ohh if comparing to Kuala Lumpur, it's pretty much the same. Big city. 
Mhika: Ohh, I never been there, just to singapore. Is it the same?
Me: I think Singapore city is better. (Sorry homies, gotta be honest)
Mhika: I see, so where have you been in Manila?
Me: *mentioned the place I have visited*
Mhika: You should go to Ayala something something. (I didn't get the name of the place). There's a lot of food there. It's very nice
Me: Sure sure. Why not. (Dalam hati memang tak dapatlah kalau food travel di negara yang bukan majoriti muslim. T_T)

You are lovely Mhika. May your God bless you.

The conversation carried on with talks on what did I do back in Malaysia. Above all, it was nice for her to spare some times to talk to us and suggest places to visit. And she's pretty as well. You see I always try my best to understand that if the the worker is a bit grumpy. Kita faham orang penat, berdiri lama lagi. Especially yang kerja di restaurant. Aku memang siap-siap expect dia muka macam singa. But in some countries their manner is something that makes you reflect back on your life. It is a very humble experience to see that even after a long queue, came to my turn, the cashier still overflow with politeness. One of my friend said "Balik dari bangkok, turun di klia, tiba-tiba rasa macam culture shock, kenapa orang kita kurang mesra"

Entrance of the park. 

9.21 am,

Anyway, moving on. after having a good cup of Vanilla shake which is a perfect way to erase fatigue, me and my mama decided to continue our day.

I seems to write a lot these days. Hmmm.

Thank you everybody for your time and attention.

Love you mucho.



Aisya A. said...

eh eh samalah tak minum coffee. nanti pening pulak. baca entri sambil berangan cerita filipina tv3 petang2 tu dah. hikhik

miss fifi said...

Wow, you got to visit Manila! Must be reallyyyy fun *jealous pout* Anyway, love your outfit ♥♥

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Aisya: Kan dear. I pun xdapat tolerate coffee. if i don't have any choice, then only i drink it

miss fifi: thank you dear. it was fun alhamdulillah. don't worry dear, u will have better opportunity than mine. :)