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Manila: Ayala Museum and Greenbelt Malls

Assalamualaykum and Hi

There are a few museums located in Makati namely Yuchengco, Ayala and Museo ng Makati. After strolling in the park, having my vanilla latte as breakfast, I decided to continue my day in Ayala Museum. It's the closest one and I was tempted by the good reviews in TripAdvisor.

My first impression of this museum was FANCY! You will be greeted with a luxurious looking coffee house, beautiful landscape and a mighty six-stories grey building. It's enough to make me think that I have chosen the right museum. Upon entering you could a sign of Excellence Award 2014 by TripAdvisor.

The entrance fee is PHP425, That was expensive. I could see cheaper rate on the list , but I guess they can tell that we're not local. I list down the exhibitions that you could enjoy in this museum. Note that, it varies from time to time.

Museum Cafe outside the museum

Ayala Museum

Ground Floor
1. Big and Small by Ronald Ventura.
You will be able to see paintings of male and female nude and anatomical studies from 1998 until mid-2000s. Postures, stances and attitudes of the nudes reveals the artist's ability to contort it in unexpected ways.

2nd Floor
1. The Diorama Experience
This is my favourite exhibiton. I love it! (Diorama is a miniature display) The diorama woodcarved, painted and decorated by Paete Laguna. You'll be able to learn the amazing history of Phillipines in sixty dioramas, organized in chronological events. At the end of the displays, you could sit and take a moment to watch a video of political movement in Philippines.

2. Maritime Vessels
There were six vessels on displays. The Pre-Hispanic Sailboat, Chinese Junk, Arabian Baghla, Lorcha, Galleon and Caravel. The handcrafted vessels shows history of transport and dwelling dating as early as thousand years before century.

2nd Floor. The Diorama and Vessels exhibition

3rd Floor
1. Fernando Zobel in the 1600s
2. Cesar Legaspi: The Brave Modern.
Both of the exhibitions displayed paintings. So I'm quite lost here. I'm not a good art appreciator. I have little information on interpretation. I barely draw in life. I couldn't even draw a straight line with ruler. Fail! So I can't really tell you what's going on and off in this exhibitions. But I found Legaspi's life is very moving. 

4th Floor
1. Gold of Ancestors
The exhibition shows sparkling collection of gold. I'm not just talking about ring or bracelet but headpiece, mask and bowl. Gold pieces that were found in tombs. They even marked which graveyard was the richest based on the amount of gold found with the dead body.

2. A Millenium of Contact
The exhibition shows collection of ceramics related to Philippine's history. This one got me a bit sleepy. Rasa noob sebab tak faham seni ceramic tu. Semua pun nampak macam sama. I can't concentrate on reading the information. They provide a comfy couch where you could watch video. But it made me sleepy sitting on that couch. I'm sorry but it's my least favourite exhibition.

3.Art and The Order of Nature Indigenous Philippine Textiles
4. Embroidered Multiples
Rare garments were on display. I enjoy seeing the history of fashion and textile related to specific communities.

Outside the museum where it is connected to Greenbelt Mall

Moving on to Greenbelt Mall.

Greenbelt Mall is a 5 sections of separated buildings shopping mall. It's a combination of indoor shopping and nature/outdoor relaxation. You could find all the shops inside and later enjoy the outdoor dining places, cafe, coffee house and bar with soothing environment of nature. There's a chapel in the middle of the buildings. Santo Nino de Paz is a chic and modern looking chapel, unlike a typical one. It's interesting to see a place of worship in the middle of all these busy businesses.

Open-air part of the mall

Hemisphere Chapel in the middle of the mall

Halfway, going from one building to another, I kinda drew a conclusion that Greenbelt 5 must be where all the expensive brands located. So you see, poor people stuck at the other end, rich people hangout at another end. I was wrong! Well partially wrong. Greenbelt 1, 2, 3 and 5 feature a mixture of local and international brands. Whereas Greenbelt 4 is where you could get all the high end brands. Louis Vuitton is definitely there.

Next post will be the last one. I mean last one for my manila second trip.

Lama sangat mengupdate blog smpai I had a difficult time remembering what happened.


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