Saturday, May 02, 2015

Manila: One Direction Concert

Assalamualaykum and hello.

Here's the thing.

No… let me say that again.

Here's THE THING. My ultimate thing.

I went to a One Direction concert.

This whole concert thing didn't happened overnight.

It took me one year to plan and make this happened. It was agitating when 1D about to release their On The Road Again Tour dates. I was beyond anxious. Minutes later I was devastated because I found out that Malaysia was not on the list. NONE! I kept my hope high. Please please add extra countries and dates later. But after a month of anticipation, Malaysia was still not pn the list. I start looking at other possible countries. Singapore and Manila were on top of my list. The dates in Asia were in March 2015 and most of them fell on weekdays. You see, we have this Asasi Open Day where it is likely to happen in March. So was worried I might choose the day that clashes with my work. Why la 1D u nyanyi hari isnin la, rabu la…nyanyi la weekend. 

The concert with perfect timing will be Manila. First, Manila get 2 days. Secondly it falls on weekend. Thirdly it will be during our mid semester break.  Almost perfect. Why? Well, I don't know, I was a little bit worried about my safety in that city. How Manila people party, you know these kind of stuff. Singapore was my second choice. After I have made my final decision. I emailed the organizer.

Excellent organizer point number one: The organizer was very responsive. They replied my email immediately and definitely welcoming people to join them for the concert.

21st March 2015, Saturday, 

On the first day of the concert I was sightseeing around Manila. But I couldn't focus. My only attention was to find out what's going on in the concert.  I kept looking for free Wi-Fi so that I could read live update. Thank you to the amazing live tweets from @1dinfectionmnl.

Excellent organizer point number two: The organizer was very strict on the rules and regulations of concert. Itu nda boleh bawa, ini kena larang. Well, in the other hand, it was a relief to know, they do their bussiness seriously. 

22nd March 2015, Sunday (Here we go, my concert is finally here!)

I was reading the live as early as 5 am. By 7 am, I found out that people already lining up. Gilaa. I tried not think too much about it. I keep chanting in my head to not try too hard, to squeeze myself too much in that situation. I continue my day with some shopping in SM Mall of Asia. Note that, SM Mall of Asia is next to the concert ground.

I was going round and round the area trying to find the concert entrance. There it is……. Man! Banyak gila orang baris sampai pusing dua tiga kali bangunan. It's only 10 am. The concert will only start at 8 pm! Again I was not trying to push myself too hard in that chaos. I'm just going to do my shopping and come back later.

Excellent organizer point number three: I have to give a round of applause to the organizer. SM. They did an excellent job in organizing the event. You will see people carrying big balloon "How May I Help You". These people are the mobile information desk. You could ask questions or helps from them and they will be very happy to assist you.

"How May I Help You"

30 lapis barisan. This is insane,

The mall is 1D all the way

The globe outside the mall. During the day it looks like a normal globe. At the night of the concert, 1D has invaded it.

I try to forget about the hype outside and continue with my original plan to SM Mall of Asia. Tapi dalam mall pun not helping. The moment you enter the mall, 1D songs were everywhere. KFC, clothes shop sampai la ke skating rink pun pasang lagu 1D. Then the lifesize cardboards were everywhere. There are promotion on 1D perfume as well. I failed to concentrate. It makes me want to straight away go to the concert and baris siap-siap.

The concert started out with heavy rain. I'm not kidding you. 2 hours of raining. We were drenched. We? Me and my mum. Yes, she went to the concert as well. It didn't stop me from having fun. At one point I felt so wild about my life.

Excellent organizer point number three: Surprisingly, there's a lot of parents around me. I expect drunk people partying. Turned out Manila crowd behaved well.  I felt safe, I enjoyed the concert with people around me. I saw some of the parents singing along to the song, moving their head and cheering together with their kids. Some of the girls shouting crazily that I'm pretty sure they need at least a week to get recover their voices. There was one dad keep rolling his eyes whenever his daughter was losing herself. Haha.

Excellent organizer point number four: They provide big screen for every sections. Thank You!

Excellent organizer point number five: The bouncers were doing excellent job in managing and helping the crowd. Every 30 minutes they will just walk around among the crowd.

Source of photo: 1Dinfectionmnl facebook


Trivia of my concert.

1.The opening act was DJ KC
2.The boys sang Happy Birthday song to one of the staff
3.They make new formation for What Makes You Beautiful
4.Liam tried to pronounce "Nakakapag pagabag"
5.Liam noticed the McDonald's booth around the concert area.
6.Harry bunned his hair. Live yo!
7.Liam kissed Niall on the cheek for a selfie.
8.Someone threw burger to Louis on stage and he ate it!
9.During "Best Song Ever", the boys were singing with a red umbrella. Haha.

The final song was Best Song Ever. It was dope. The fireworks followed up. It was ongoing for about 20 minutes. Amazing. The feeling was amazing. I could write a poem, an essay about it. In life there are great moments in our life. Nothing noble. Nothing remarkable. Sometimes not even relevant to other people. Nothing to praise. Nothing pricey. Nothing to show off. Just pure happiness and satisfaction. Simply being yourself. And mine, this is it. This will always be.

Post concert depression got me like. mum took this photo. and this kind selalunya ended up dalam whatsapp group

Post concert depression is real peeps. I can't sleep after the concert. The energy still pumping. I was very tired in our flight home. I was kinda sad because going to concert is always in my bucket list. Since I have done it, what should I do next?

Previous post, I promise that this will be the last post for my manila 2nd trip. But can I do another one. For real..the next one will be the wrap up.

I'm still having trouble finding good site for video blog. Youtube will be too mainstream, Will make some changes in this post once I could upload my vidoes.

Until then. Loads of love darlings. See you in the next post.

p/s: Dear Allah I don't ask a lot in life, and I know I don't deserve things, but I just want a selfie with Harry or maybe him.......singing at my wedding. Baiiiiii


Farah said...

Senyum sorang-sorang baca entri ni. I can imagine your feeling and emotion :D

p/s: I know post concert depression is real. ahaha

Lyna Ismail said...

BEST!. If it was me, kalau international artis datang Malaysia confirm susah mau pergi. Going to concert has always been one of my bucket list too! You need to go to more concerts after this. So that you can move on from 1D. Haha.

noraini radzi said...

Yey pure happiness and satisfaction! ;D

p/s : ko mau c harry, aku bole ka mau c adam levine? hehehe

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Farah: Thank you for reading Farah. I can imagine the sweet smiles. I know right, the pcd is exhausting. Like emotional out of nowhere.

Lyna Ismail: Thank You Lyna. u should do it. Pick the best artist you like, you wanna see, you like the music and plan from that. Macam belum sedia lagi mo move on ni dear.

Noraini Radzi: Yeayy thank you buddy. boleh2, nanti ada Maroon 5 kita pegi sama2 k.