Thursday, July 30, 2015

of 27

Assalamualaikum and hi.

It’s 1.02 am and I couldn’t sleep, thanks to the badminton session this evening that makes my back and shoulder sore.

My charging phone is not within my reach, so scrolling Instagram is not an option.

Hence here I am writing something for my blog.

I’m going to write in my mother tongue and English language. Apologize in advanced for any of misunderstanding and inconvenient.

Last Wednesday was my 27th birthday. Jadi sudah 27. Umur.

The Wishes.

Thank you for all the wishes I received in Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, texts and calls. I was overly delighted with all the warm remembrance. I’m sorry if I failed to reply any of it. Mungkin terlepas pandang. Thanks a lot for the beautiful wishes and prayers. I screenshot some of the messages and keep it nicely in a folder. Talking about being extra sentimental.

How’s life?

Good. I don’t have an interesting life. Biasa-biasa saja. The things that you saw in my Instagram (since I updated this one frequently), does not define me. Yes, that’s my real life but not everything. I speak truth in blog but it’s only a small part of what happened. There’s so many untold stories. I’m not an avid user of social media. My Facebook comes to a point of almost total silent and blog was seldom updated. If you want to know what’s going on, ask me. I will tell you the truth. If silent or refusal is my answer it means I don’t want to lie or I’m not comfortable of telling.

What has changed?

Well, I believe I’m still the same me, whose cheerful and annoying sometimes. I still like to go out with friends, read books, treasure vintage, study language and read stupid theories about alien in Roswell. Well of course as you grow older, you have priorities, more responsibilities to hold, less time for yourself, crucial decisions to make. But those are parts of growing up and older.


Alhamdulillah, saya bahagia. I am surrounded by an amazing mum and families, loving boyfriend, friends, colleagues, students, ex-students.  Kalau ada hari sedih pun, biar cuma saya yang tau. I believe people deserve the better side of me.

What future holds?

I don’t know. Well of course I plan what I want to do, list my goals and stuff. But nothing is sure in life, not even tomorrow. I hope everything goes as what I have in mind. If not, I believe Allah is the better planner.

Hopes and dreams.

To be strong. Literally, emotionally and spiritually. I’m not getting young tho and I need more energy to get the class hype up. Don’t want to be a dull teacher. I need to take care of my health. Asyik pegi klinik ja tahun ni. Hurmm. I want to be strong emotionally, to keep my tears inaudible, to be calm and practice patience, to avoid anger and lessen self-regard. I know I hurt a lot of people in my life. Know that I’m very sorry for all my wrongdoings. Sometimes I bother people with my problems, bickering and grumpy days. Again I’m truly sorry. It was never my intention to hurt you. Spiritually? It's between me and Allah.

terimalah gambar serba kabur ni.....mudahan kamu annoyed. hahaha.

Thank you again for everything. For taking your time and reading this in the first place. Saya minta maaf atas semua kesalahan yang saya pernah buat, hati yang pernah saya guris. Kalau saya pernah marah students dalam kelas, itu maknanya saya peduli. Kalau ada masalah yang dicerita sampai mengganggu, mungkin terlalu emosi. Kadang-kadang melulu cari tempat mengadu, terlupa yang masalah saya tu menganggu bukan menghibur. Kalau ada yang terpukul, bahh taulah kadang-kadang bila over ketawa ni tangan pun laju backhand orang. Balas ja balik. Hikss. If I’m not in my best behaviour, tegurlah saya.

Moga orang yang saya sayang dalam lindungan Allah, sentiasa gembira, dapat yang terbaik dalam hidup. Kalau umur 28 tidak kesampaian, ingatlah yang baik-baik pasal saya, maafkanlah yang salah.

Here's my favourite  version of "To Love Somebody". Why this song? Well it's always been my favourite. And I'm thinking of you Fikry when writing this. Between me and him, he's always a better lover, wholly a better person. It's wondrous how he could love this imperfect woman. This song is a dedication to my ignorance and inferior.

Belum terlambat untuk wish Salam Lebaran dan Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

All the love from the 27 years old Anne.


Farah said...

Happy belated birthday! May Allah bless you and grant all your wishes. Insya Allah :)

aiman mania said...

belum terlambat lagi nak ucap happy birthday..ahahhahaa..tapi,mmg lewat2 gila dah pon..wahhh!cikgu rupanya..ingtkn student lagi...btw,blog nih masuk bloglist saya sebab i found it a best platform to enhance my english 's speaking and writing skill..may Allah bless you..

klik2 sikit iklan nuff..kalau ada iklan menari2 kat blog saya,klik2lah jugak..almaklumlah student tanpa income..ahahahhaha