Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bali: How it feels like to me

Assalamualaykum and Hi readers.

You see, I was trying to write my cliche travel tips post on Bali. But two reasons hindering me from pursuing so. First, I'm slowly having amnesia about the trip (details of it). Secondly, I'm sure if you google Bali, you will stumble upon thousands of other useful sites, hundreds by Malaysian that it makes mine so frail and carry no significance. Thus, I decided to write how I feel about the trip. As Buehner said, "they may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel".

I almost titled the blog "Perspectives on Bali", but perspectives is such a strong word. Could be unfair to a certain extent. So I decided to use the word 'feeling'. Allow me to share my tiada-tiada opinion on Bali after spending a great 5 days on that island.

Here goes nothing.

Eat, Pray, Love.

If you are looking for an elegance and full of experience vacation, Bali would be the place. . You eat, walk, see places and eat again. There's so many things to explore in Bali, from culture, religion to as simple as spending a good one hour in a local ice cream parlour. The best thing about Bali is you don't need too much. You can just pick an exotic homestay overlooking the paddy field, do nothing all day and not feeling any ounce of guilt or that it is wasting money. Bali is simple. I really like Ubud. There's so many things to see and visit there. If you like going to go a sleek, trendy, modern-looking restaurant, Ubud it is. Kalau ada extra budget, go and feel the world class dining in all those luxurious restaurant or lounge.  After dining, you could just walk around the area or visit woodcraft centre. Going from one area to another, you need transport. But if you just want to spend a day in one spot such as Seminyak, I reckon you to put your baggy/harem pants, flipflops and take your time to relax and walk around. Of course remember that safety first.

Coffee Tasting in Tanah Lot, in a separate cup is Luwak



Do you know that there is a Bulgari (Bvlgari) Hotel in Bali? Please intai berapa harga per night di Agoda. Do you know that there is Jamie Oliver's Restaurant in Bali. Yes. Do not underestimate this small island. It is famous. If you happened to meet a Filipino actress, it's nothing major.

To learn.

I believe travel is a great opportunity to learn. learn on something new and different. Travel sets aside your oblivion and dismiss close minded. You'll learn to appreciate simplicity, adapt new environment and lifestyle of people, and of course to be in awe of God's creation and blessing. And sometimes a mischievous feeling to not be yourself. Yes! being a total opposed of yourself (in a positive way of course). Back to Bali, our daily itinerary included place of worshiped, cultural house, Bali's specialty, which are new to me. I had amazing time learning about the temples, their religion practice and living style. Furthermore, when I visited Bali (back in July), it was the week of Galungan and Kuningan celebration (sort of Hari Raya la). Penjor lined up along the road and people wore their traditional clothes. That explained the tourist peak season. Equally important, I want to mention on tour guides of Bali. I gotta say, they were amazing. You see, I was busy taking pictures when a guide passed me by explaining in French, the next minute I heard different guide conversing in Japanese. I assume it was fluent, since there was minimum pause or hesitation. In another corner, a busy guide escorting the tourist with German language. Language was in the air. You know, my mak jenis yang tak berapa perhati orang sangat. But she cannot helped but say "Bali guides are no joke".  

Kecak Dance, Uluwatu

Tanah Lot


July to September is the peak season in Bali where European flocks. Hotel still affordable but you might want to secure accommodation early as the price can go double to triple. I see more European compare to local when I was strolling along the street of Kuta. There's just way too many tourists in Bali. Too many orang putih. Same situation happened on the road, numbers of tourist renting motorcycle to go from one places to another-which I would like to do if I have the chance to visit Bali again *smirk*. Half naked orang putih riding motorcycle seems like a normal sight. And most visited places such as Kuta Beach, Uluwatu and Tanah Lot are unquestionably crowded. If you baring and berjemur di Kuta Beach, taking a selfie, your picture will definitely include kaki orang lain, photobomb tourist Jepun, orang tengah angkat surfboard di belakang, makcik jual tikar. Hahaha. But again you are in a famous place, what do you expect. Quoting Greenway in his Bali travel book "Built some 500 years ago by Javanese priest and dedicated to the Goddess of Sea, Tanah Lot seems more dedicated these days to the God of Souvenir Stalls". Yes, yes, yes! I couldn't agree more. These famous places are packed with souvenir stalls. Such a turn off sight. They annoyed you with the bargaining as well. And it was overpriced. Come on la sampai one magnet button costs you rm17. So let me suggest you one good souvenir shop which is Agung Bali. Kudos to my tour guide for taking me to this place, Bolehla beli kasut flat comel ala-ala hipster Balinese dengan harga murah.

Cliff of Uluwatu

My never ending battle with the sarung. So high fashion. Pardon the squinting eyes.

Till then.

Tulis sampai sini sahaja.

Kalau ada yang diingat, saya sambung la tulis pasal bali ni. If not, this is it. Hihi.

Lots of love.


Farah Arina said...

bali is one of my wishlist to travel to. you are so lucky. :( by the way, tanah lot look so nice and amazing! can i just go there now :((

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Farah Arina: Aww insha Allah you will get your chance as well. Hopefully it will be soon *wink*.

aiman mania said...

wahhhh..no doubt!you are beautiful!Suka dgn bahasa inggeris you..level macam budak2 TESL......are u still studying ?

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Aiman Mania: Thank you very much for dropping by and commenting. No, I'm a working woman leaving my 20's hahaha.