Monday, October 19, 2015

Bali: In a nutshell

Assalamualaikum and hi.

I feel like I need a proper closure for my  Bali post. So here I am. You were about to read my itinerary and overall view of Bali. Hope it helps.

I went to Bali in July. Why July? Main reason was- easier to just carry on the cuti raya and secondly, kinda want to celebrate my birthday outside the city. But I think July is not the best time as it is the peak season. If you have the choice, visit in April, May, June, October. Check out the annual events to hype up your travel experience. The next Nyepi or 'Silence Day" will be on 9th march 2016. No check-in or check-out allows in that day. Guests have to stay indoors and restrictions on almost all activities unless emergency.

Flight Ticket.
My flight ticket cost me ~RM400 (return). Three direct flights (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) available from Kota Kinabalu. The best thing about these flights is you get to enjoy sunset while flying. The departure time, 6.30pm, is perfect for you to catch the glimpse of the sundown from your plane's window. You will arrive in Bali at 9.00pm. No worries, taxi service is easy to get.

Pavillion Hotel Kuta

I stayed at Hotel Pavillion Kuta. The 5days 4nights stay cost me ~RM500. It was a cozy hotel, located strategically in Kuta and 5 minutes walk to Kuta beach and Hard Rock Cafe. The pool is nice and the area is quiet. The staffs were friendly. They helped me to make phone call to another district of Indonesia and refused to take money. I called it courtesy at its best. The downside-no elevator. But the staff are ready to help you carry your suitcases.

Tour guides.
If you are expecting a tip top service, might want to check out "Certificate of Excellence" recommendation in Trip Advisor. You could read feedbacks on amazing guide or tours. There are so many choices of tour in Bali, from adventure to strolling at the city. From using mpv to cycling.  I got in contact with my guide through a friend. Mine was great. Could be better. He made a sweet gesture after he knew about my birthday. I was surprised with a gift the next morning. He charged me RM250 for a 2-days trip. Better bargain if you take more days. Normal rate would be 400,000 rupiah (around RM150) for 12 hours.

Pura Mengwi

A week before I went to Bali, the Ngurah Rai airport experienced some major closed down due to the eruption of Mt. Raung in Java Island, 150km from Bali. I called my mum over the phone and we agreed that we should cancel the whole thing. It's too risky. Walaupun dalam call Agoda semua tu, dalam hati tetap insist nak pegi. I didn't manage to habiskan urusan as I was rushing back to Tawau for raya. In the end, mum finally said, it's too late, let's just go and hope everything goes well. Hence the trip happened. So please, please update yourself with the weather as the volcano is still active.

Pura Mengwi

Tourist Trap.
Yes! There are too many tourist trap in that island. I was too late about it when I came upon the discussion in Trip Advisor. Tourist trap is a situation where you go to a place suggested by your guide and in return he will get commission or free food from the owner. You will be overcharged for the product/service you ask. My guide insisted to go to Nusa Dua (famous for its water sport). But I declined the idea so many times since having my mum as travel buddy probably ended me up in either two situations. First-she refused to do anything and just leave me alone to do such sun-tanning activity. Second- She will nag me non stop on how those activities are dangerous, lacking of safety and could kill me. The later one is likely to happen. Weeks later I found out from the experience of a close friend of mine who was overcharged unreasonably for water sports. It definitely sounds like a tourist trap incident. Next, be careful with money changer. Go to the authorized money changer to avoid scam.

Batuan Temple

So that's basically my thoughts on Bali.

I have lots. But I'm afraid my writing to a certain extent will serve unfairness.

Thus, that's about it. Lots of Love, Anne. Bali (21st July 2015)


aiman mania said...

seronoknya...saya hampir ke Bali..sekitar JUly jugak,tapi,teraksa batal sebab kewangan tak mengizinkan..hehhehehehe....baca blog ni pon dah macam pergi Bali secara live!!
hahahhaa..bila baca tavlog Indonesia,mmg akan ada org hapdet pasal trick indonesian yg akan mintak komisyen lepas guna service dorg yg kita tak mintak.........nice others a lot ^^

nuranne (formerly simplyseoul) said...

Aiman Mania: Yes. Tourist trap sana is everywhere. Sometimes memang xdapat elak. It's okay, I'm sure you'll have better opportunity to visit Bali.

Thank you for reading.