Wednesday, December 02, 2015

New Year's Resolution: Blogger Edition

Assalamualaykum and hello.

Ayoyo berapa abad la tidak update blog. Sedih, sedih. Content tu ada. Cuma masa tu susah cari. (emoji nangis).

Whatever it is. Finally, here goes a post. Yeayy. Today's post is exactly related to the drama above.

2015 was definitely not a good blogging year for me. This is definitely my worst record with only 17 posts in a year (so far). I posted less, I seldom blogwalking, barely interact with other bloggers and my readers. I was constantly running out of idea and being so so picky with the content just top everything. Well I have a month to increase the number, we'll see about that.

So, to bloggers out there whose in the same boat with me (or am I the only badass here). I have some things to share, hoping that it will boost your enthusiasm to continue  and be actively writing. Blogging is fun. But it certainly takes a lot of time and ounces of dedication and commitment. Thus before we raise our glass for a better blogging year, check out these tips.

Become a Blogger
If you are not a blogger in the first place, why not aiming of becoming one next year. If you've been going in and about countless blog, bookmarked your favourite authors and have enough inspiration to share. Then you are only few steps closer in coming up with your own blog. It's okay if at first it didn't turn out the way you wanted it to be. Hold your horse and learn more. I'm sure you'll get there.

Revamping your Blog
After years with wordpress or blogspot, you might want to take things up the notch. Consider having your own domain. I got my domain from and it has been with me for the past two years. If your blog started to look dull, you might want to do some clearing and decorating. You could:

1. Change your layout
2. Update/Improve links
3. Delete old or unnecessary posts
4. Update advertisement
5. Improve tagging
6. Construct a better "About Me"
7. Add widget or feed.

Blogger Planner
I have been using planner for my blog since last year. At first it was all serious with date, schedule and everything. But after some times I changed into simpler method like journalling. If I have any idea, I jot it down in my phone or notebook. Planner is a perfect idea to keep in track with your content. You could create your own blogger planner or go to Pinterest for amazing ideas. What's better? It's printable.

Niche in blogging define as your specialty or content focus. Having niche in your blog takes goals, passion and expert in that area. If you really like cooking, you could come up with recipes, food reviews or know how in cooking. If you are dealing with parenthood most of the time, you could focus your blog content on parenting or kids diary. I'm not fond of having a niche in my blog, probably because I still haven't found the one interest that I'm good at. If I try on posting makeup and skincare probably I last until the fifth post. But I always like to go and read a blog with niche. They did research on their content and it portrays their passion. 

Of Growing Up
I think whatever you are trying to do in life, it will come back to you as a person. No matter what idea your are trying to inject, what stories you want to tell, if you are genuine about it, it will be shown naturally in your writing. If you are comfortable with keeping up with the latest story, go on, your strength might lies there. If you are comfortable being under the radar sharing unknown, not-in-trend post then be it. Whatever floats your boat. Be true to yourself and I think the essence is to be responsible of your writing.

Business and Blogging
It's time to move the D-I-Y from to do list to your business plan. Creative ideas could be meant for something great rather just your favourite pastime. There's a lot of skill you could use to make money from as simple as gluing to sewing or carpenting. I know blog seems to be a bit of old school to promote your ideas. And I couldn't deny the fact that it's hassle to handle a blog especially for a beginner. Not to mention the establishing readers and content part. Hence, why don't you start with instagram first or any social media before channeling your business to blog. 

That's all. Hope this helps.



laila. said...

Finally, someone said it :) Esp about niche. I'm still searching my specialty because I just don't know what I'm good at. Hahaha. Thank you for this post, I do love it sis Nuranne :)

Ssan said...

I mostly blog about my life, now tht studies' over I find it hard for me to find something to blog about since I've got a jobless boring life haha