Monday, January 18, 2016

New Year's Resolution: Cincai version

Assalamualaikum and Hello readers.

Glad that we make it to another year.

Reading the title probably like “Isn’t it too late for that”. Well New Year-YES, Resolution-NO.

The cliché resolution for instance avoiding my impulsive shopping will probably last until the next sale. Hitting the gym is so yesterday and reading book will last until page 7 or 8. All the adventure ended up in Whatsapp group conversation. You will never keep it and it’s borrringg.

So here goes tiny steps that you might want to do. It’s nothing major and won’t hurt to try.

This should be on top of your list. Veggies are good for your diet and improve your skin. You don't need explanation for this. I'm sure one of the first important lesson  in life is to eat fruits and vegetables. Remember when our art teacher assigned  us to draw vegetables and fruits. There's no syllabus or topic in drawing sweets and McDonald in our art lesson. See? (Am I making a point here?). On a side note, a close friend of mine told me that her resolution for this year is to STOP DRINKING SODA, which is a brilliant idea. Whatever it is. Do something to improve your diet. It goes a long way. 

Doing it weekly probably burn holes in your pocket. So go for monthly. Indulge yourself with good food, nice music and soothing environment. I know sometimes we like certain food, this service, that place yang senang cari parking. Again, borringg. Going to a new place once in while will broaden your horizon and I say, why not?

Reading gossip blog will not benefit you in any way. It’s wasting time and you will get lost in the piles of stranger’s story. Reading those stories and going through the comments could be fun. But again, you'll gain nothing after the 2 hours session of nosy parkering. So stop visiting these websites. 

Whatever your resolution is, Make decision and start doing it. Just start okay!

Life is a battlefield. You might win or lose. But it matters to go through that with values and not lose ourselves in that constant struggle. Same goes with happiness. It’s not the end result of a cinematic, well-timed holding trophy victoriously. It’s the everyday experience. Fulfilling, meaningful and authentic feelings of living. After all, there’s never a promise that you will live tomorrow, next month or year.


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