Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Reading: What stops you?

Assalamualaikum and hi.

To my readers, I may sound bragging in the next few paragraphs and potentially making you nausea and annoyed. Therefore, read at your own risk. Skip this part if your nerves have potential of disliking me. Feel free to prepare a basket or expression of rolling eyes as I promised none of it would make me feel offended. 

If there is one thing that I should pat myself for, it would be my great interest in reading. Reading is where I find everything. From knowledge, comfort to the overstatement of escape, string of words never fails to company me. I'm the type who read too fast, that mum once said 'Don't you think it's wasting money if you finished the newly bought book in two days". Thus I have to purposely read slower. I could be very obsessive of a book that sometimes I marked certain chapter or page so that I could go back and re-read it again. You don't see a point? Well me too.

(Just to be clear that reading as if reading book not newsfeed)

I cannot wait to finish a book, to a point that I refuse to sleep. Because I have to continue the next day. I wish we could read in the dark. I was like eager for sunrise to resume my reading. But the eagerness made me cannot sleep pula. Might as well I hidupkan balik lampu and continue reading. Eyyy the complicated relationship of me and my book.

Harap sampai sini tiada siapa lagi yang muntah.

Well in this post I would like to encourage you to read. But I noticed that when I talked about my enthusiasm in books, my friends will tell me reasons why they cannot keep up with reading. It's like readers are abide to certain rules. Here are some of the reasons:

Curiosity builds as you read. Ending matters. Well if you don't like where the story is heading, you may stop. Some people consider this wasting money and I couldn't dismiss that. But  I have one book that I have yet finished (forever yet rasanya). I distaste some of the chapters and how the main character grows. So I stopped. Simply because I didn't like it. Simple justification. 

Trust me, even as a working woman, I couldn't agree more with the above statement. A fiction cost you 35 ringgit and a non-fiction is more expensive. So the solution is borrow, pre-loved and pdf. Visit these hashtags #prelovedbooksmalaysia #sayajualbuku #pasarnovel #bukumurah in instagram to get good deals. 

Do you still remember we used to read books like "Tips Straight As UPSR" or "Kunci Kejayaan SPM"? It came with cute detach bookmarks, cartoons and of course tips of being excellent students. One of the tips said you should bring small notes so you can read it while waiting for the bus or in the bus la. I'm sure muntah kalau baca buku in moving car. My point is, I totally understand if you prefer to find the perfect time, serene environment to read. But it definitely delays you. And it becomes an excuse. So why not, paksa sikit (force little), read two pages before you sleep or a chapter during the weekend. Slowly the habit blooms. Asal selesa sikit ok lah tu. No need to demand for beach scenery, windy day at the patio or total silent for you to start reading. 

Well I see where your argument lies. There are debatable points on why we should engage in "Suamiku Gengster Jalanan" or "50 Shades of Turquoise". You go with I have better things to do, exciting show on the TV, laundryku belum siap, air belum jerang and so on. Here's the thing, reading could be purely on entertainment basis. Take fiction reading as a process of improving your language, expanding creativity or merely burgeoning imagination. Please don't underestimate the power of reading Pride and Prejudice or Anna Karenina. There are so many good values to learn from a narrative. 

You see I'm starting to develop this. Let me tell you, there's a lot of hipster novel in bookstore, Publisher seems to be open minded nowadays. Everybody wants to be Lang Leav. Write poems, compile it and tadaaa on bookshelf with the same price of a buffet dinner (What's with the comparison?!?!). Well the thing is, the growing of this kind is on the top of my pet peeve's list. The thing with Lang Leav is, she's like Adele, well known in turning heartbreaks story to a genuine, straight to heart piece of work. I like her poetry. But if the next person try to do it, it sounds repetitive. Unless with a good literary devices, then bring it on! 

You cannot continue reading if you don't understand any word. So you stop to google or refer to dictionary. Dictionary....classic. However if you stop, you stop terus. Language proficiency could be a hindrance. Well, my advice is, go with books in your mother tongue or translated one. Once you find your pace and joy in reading, then a little bit of bumpy ride in finishing your book should be no problem. 

You need to finish this first, then only you move one to the next one. The problem is buku yang satu lagi tak pandai habis. So second book never happened. If the book is too thick, difficult to comprehend then just start reading the new one. You can go back to the first book later. No big deal. 

That's all.

Hope you find something good in this post and... please read.


noraini radzi said...

Aku ada buku si Lang Leav, memories.. Mau pinjam? Hehe

crystal nick said...

agree with you on most part... the thing about reading an actual books is actually that at some point when you get so attached to the books you can actually be a director (at least in your mind lah) because you can pick your own fav actor/actress.. create your own scene... that's why lah i prefer books over movie... huhuhuu

Lee said...

Hello Nuranne, you have a beautiful name. And you write very well too, this only comes from reading a lot. I can always tell when chatting with someone he or she a avid reader.
When I was very young, my father encouraged me to read The Reader's Digest'. And much later went on to books, I love Biographies of well known politicians like Winston Churchill, etc.
I love prose and poetry too.

One of my all time favourite books was or is 'A Town like Alice'....based on 2nd WW in Malaya. In fact, I've gone thru lots of books re Malaysia's Emergency period re the Communists.

I'm impressed with the books you read, Your analysis, observations, outstanding. And your this posting in English too. My bahasa suda out of tune having been in Canada about 30 years.
Nuranne, have fun reading...
You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart.
Best regards,