Sunday, May 15, 2016

Reminiscing Teachers

Assalamualaikum and hi,

Being a teacher was never my dream job. Despite that, I was blessed with plenty of opportunities in this field. It started when I was 18 years old. Every saturday, after co-currciular activity, I taught at the tuition centre where my mum works. Then part time jobs at school as a substitute. After that, I continued my study in education. Along the way I realised teaching is something I can do or I’m comfortable with. I feel good doing it. Alhamdulillah, I'm still a teacher.

I feel like I still remember every of my teacher. Growing up as an only child with very few friends and staying home most of the time made me trying to absorb as much from my finite surrounding. Allow me to share some recollection of people who responsible in shaping me today.

Cikgu Jusia (1993-1994)
She was like Lady Diana. Short hair, sweet look and soft spoken.. 

Cikgu Nursiah (1995 & 1998)
She was my class teacher when I was 7. My friend read my Doraemon comic while she was teaching. She found out and took it away. I know it was my fault that I brought it to school in the first place. Tapi yang kawan pegi baca depan dia memang la suicide. So I met her after class, apologized and asked if I could have my comic back. Did I mention that I was 7? Comic book is special you know and it was expensive for me.

Don't bother,.....I'm not in the picture

Cikgu Hayati (1999-2000)
After I completed my primary school, I still continued sending her gifts on teacher’s day. Table clock, photo frame, mug, cards… you know stuff that affordable as a student. Come to think of it, it’s not like she was my only favourite, treat me special or science was my best subject. I just like her. That’s all.

Cikgu Kamsiah (2003)
She inspect handwriting thoroughly. Before we started our lesson she commented everybody's handwriting. "Your R is too small", "too slanted, too thick", "words gap too far", "Your O is too gendut". Goodness.

Sister Magdalene (2001)
Classic English teacher doing a classic English lesson.

Teacher Aminah (2002)
An English teacher with a very unique introduction class "Do not use the word toilet" "Always say may I go to the ladies room or washroom" and many other peculiar rules.

Ustaz Nazri (2003)

There wasn't enough classroom. Thus we have to settle in laboratory for two years.  

Cikgu Fatmang (2004-2005)
He taught us Bahasa Malaysia. One of the good memories with him was during KOMSAS lesson. You see there were syair and pantun in our literature book. He always ask for volunteers to read the syair and everytime jugalah we counter attack and ask him to demonstrate first “Cikgu tunjuk dulu” “Alaa cikgu kan hebat baca”. He glanced outside, see if there are people passing by, fidgeting and start reciting. Sampai terpeleot suara apa semua. After that ber wuuuu wuuuu la kami. I guess being a male teacher in front of 30 female students could be a unique challenge. Arwah was a kind person and I am blessed, Al-fatihah.

Teacher Jeannette (2004-2005)
Her lesson involved a lot of essay writing. She gave the topic, we wrote while she marked our previous essay. The same routine. So one day the genre was narrative. I wrote one favourite narration that was in my mind for quite some time, offered every plot twist I could ever think and not caring whether I will get good marks. In the next lesson, I purposely waited for her to mark my essay to observe her expression. She was attentive and all smiling. That smiles somehow made me happy. 

Puan Chong (2006-2007)
She was my maths and class teacher during my stressful form 6. So many times I feel demotivated, unwell and giving up. Countless. Back to maths subject, in her class, we did a lot of self-practice. She gave us 300 questions of Matrices with the answer set and asked us to finish everything in two weeks. It’s the same pattern with other chapters. I loveee her torturing method. Met her again years later at the airport. I said hi to her and we talked through the passenger’s window of her car. She said something that stunned me “You look so different now, you were so quiet in class back then, good la Anne”. I guess she noticed my struggle in surviving Form 6. Moved and heartened.

Puan Chong

Miss Anna Lynn (2009)
She taught us one of the subject in first semester. Being a typical freshie, timetable, venue could be a little bit confusing. I failed to remember the incident well, but here's what happened, we got confused with time and came late. She asked me the reason and I happened to say "Because blah blah, I assume..".... She shouted to the whole class "YOU DON'T ASSUME!"...One word man.. one word. Traumatic.

Mejar Hamzah (2009-2012)
Morphology is the last subject he taught us. Mejar was a strict lecturer. There were times he jokes around. But the overall persona was intimidating. Towards our final year we were a bit reckless with punctuality and dressing code. Mengamuklah dia di dini hari. Ada yang kena suruh berdiri luar kelas. Tapi yang paling tak tahan tu, dia tengok baju kami satu-satu and said “Ni macam cikgu jual sayur”, “Rambut tak ikat, macam cikgu buka saloon”, “Cikgu penjual reload”. Sakitnya tu di sini bila kena marah. Tapi dalam hati, it was funny as hell. Hahaha.

Perangai zaman sekolah ni banyak yang masih bawa sampai sekarang. Jadi habit rasanya. Contoh, pasal selalu duduk depan. Dulu, masa perhimpunan pertama, cikgu akan umumkan kedudukan kelas, “3 Amanah akan berada di Blok sekian, tingkat sekian”. Walau selaju mana pun saya lari ke kelas tu sebab mau berebut duduk tepi tingkap, guru kelas mesti tanya “Anne mana?” “Duduk depan”. Rendah punya pasal!

Long goodbye teachers. Thank you.

Happy teachers' day...esok.


Stef said...

pasal arwah Cikgu Fatmang, memang sama situasi..dan selalu berharap aku tidak kena suruh baca sajak dan syair..baru sebaris syair arwah perdengarkan, sudah mula kami ketawa-ketawa..

midfiezai alqadry said...

Teringat pulak zaman cikgu kamsiah dan cikgu fatmang.. Rindu zaman duduk makmal and pegi berjiran ke makmal korang..