Monday, August 08, 2016

Zalora Page

Assalamualaikum and Hi

I have started contributing article to Zalora community since months ago.

It was a great opportunity and definitely not something that knocks on your door everyday. Thus, here I am continuing to squeeze my brain juice for the best outcome that fits the community.

I'm on my way to the fourth article..pheww...feels like it's been such a long battle, dua tiga kali loaded the gun, padahal this is nothing but the beginning.

So to make it easier for sharing purpose, I made a new page in this blog for the update.

Click here ZALORA.

I'll be posting the new link in this page, no more in instagram.

Anyway, THANK YOU for reading. Here goes the virtual highfive.

I'm still fixing my Instagram and Pinterest widget. Semua benda mogok sekarang ni.


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Cik Itah said...

wahhh..tahniahh :)