Tuesday, October 11, 2016


A conversation over a meal with a lovely senior.

Madam Bal : I never thought having a young looking face could be a disadvantage.

Me: I know right. It is sometimes.

Madam Bal: Remember when I saw you at the seminar the other day, I thought “they are letting students to attend this seminar as well”…. I couldn’t recognise you at first.

Me: *chuckling* (I don’t know how to respond to that)

Madam Bal: On first impression, you look really young. People don’t take you seriously.

Me: I know, I know. I get that a lot.

Madam Bal: How about with your students.

Me: Well I don’t have problem with that. I guess the words spread, they heard me from their seniors, so the new one kinda expect to see me in class.

Madam Bal: When you are 40, you still be looking really young.

Me: I guess.

A casual conversation before the event starts, a woman couldn't help but to ask me...

“How old are you actually”

“Going 29..”

“Ohh you are older than me..”

“Yepp….” (Somehow I have a winning smile here)

And the conversation continued on a brighter note.


Ssan said...

Ahhh...I get this a lot too. Even the yr 6 pupils (which I seldom see because I'm teaching afternoon session) sometimes thought I'm one of them haha!

nuranne said...

Ssan: High five sister. I'm one short human. No worries, we got this.