Sunday, November 06, 2016

Beautiful Instagram Feed

Assalamualaikum and hi readers.

There is more to do with your social media than centralising it around yourself. Instagram is one of the many medium that can be multi purpose. Instead of going random or instant, why don't you opt for something orgnanized, creative and aesthetically pleasing. 

If you are doing bussiness or branding through instagram, you might want to go for something more consistent and selected. The first catch to bring new audience to your content is through the overall look of the feed.

As a start you can create a theme for your instagram that will turn your feed into a unique one. Let's dig some of these eye catching feed.

Black and White
The whole monochrome effect gives away artistic and dramatic effect. However black and white theme needs a high level of consistency when posting. Your ice cream and food photos will not go well with this style.

You have to be careful when posting the sequence of photo. This is suitable if you want to post text/quotes and photos.

Whole Photo
This style is only visible if you open the homefeed. If you are viewing the posts from the livefeed, it could be a bit confusing. You ought to be meticulous when posting the photo parts as it could come out distorted.

Whether it's a cat, hobby, makeup, travel or the famous #followmeto, this style definitely gives content focus to your instagram. 

Shades can be experimented through filters or the content of the photo itself. Lily Collins used yellowish filters, whereas Creativekipi chose bright pastel for the subject. Pretty amazing!

5 Ways to Create Beautiful Instagram Feed

1. Be inspired
Check out other instagram to get ideas. If you are browsing others Instagram account for the first time, the first thing that you would notice is the grid feed.  See what shade the person used, how the subjects were arranged and overall syle.

2. Be selective
This could be a toughest one as we tend to go  with quick updates of our whereabout. Afterall that's the main purpose we own a social media. However if you want to craft you Instagram or using it for other purpose, the vital step has to be selection. Blurry and out of focus photos need to go. Putting the whole album in Instagram may ruin your feed (and sometimes it feels like a spam).

3. Theme is not permanent
Once you decided on a theme, doesn't mean you cannot change it. Be experimental with certain filters, subject colours. But it would be the best to at least have the same style for the next 15 photos (because when you open the feed using your cellphone, it will show the first five rows)

4. Collages may not work
I think this is my favourite thing to do when I started using Instagram. Every photos need to be posted and I cramped everything hoping that I don't have to post so many. Unfortunately, collage may ruin the whole look of the feed. The best is to avoid it and post single photo.

5. Taking good photos
Of course! This is essential. Good lighting, maintain cropping style, filters... you can read more in Taking Good Instagram Photos 

Hope this post helps or inspires you!


beaty said...

i always dream if having beautiful ig feed but selalu susah bah mau achieve...

nuranne said...

beaty: me too beat..susah mo disiplin. keep posting and spamming my own feed.