Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Krabi: Postcard Pictures

Assalamualaikum and hi all.

I went to Krabi few weeks ago.

I bought flight tickets in August. The whole plan was quite last minute. I needed a getaway. So I was trying to find something cheap. Thus my decision met Krabi. Well it wasn't really cheap as my friends said I could get much lower price than that. I guess that was the best deal I could get in that particular time.

I wasn't really anticipating the whole trip because...

One... I will be going during the peak season of vacation. A perfect combination of year end and school holiday. Island must be packed.

Second... Krabi is a touristy overrated place... so I might experience another famous south east asia beach situation-boracay, bali, phuket. Humid, and crowded.

Third... Krabi is famous for its beautiful islands. So must be berpanas-panas la the activities.

The more I write the more I sound tidak bersyukur.

I just want a quiet holiday. I barely google anything (because I was busy) and so I went with ZERO plan. NONE.

But I was fortunate to experience my trip in a very satisfying condition. When I did the island hopping, there were very few boats around, far from the horrid crowded situation that I have imagined. I was blessed with such postcard perfect photos. 

Thank you god. I couldn't ask for more.

(I still bepanas, bejemur tho.....yess girl *biceps emoji*)

Here some photos. 

(Above) Can it gets bluer than this. 

(Above) Mum's photography skill is amazing...

(Above) The best part of my island tour was walking from Tup Island to Chicken Island on a sand bank. From far, it looks like we were walking on water.

(Above) I took sunset tour. So watching sunset was in the itinerary.

Errr I have more to write about Krabi, so till the next post.

Lots of love.


ezzat farhan said...

Just done visiting your blog,miss. Memang idola <3

nuranne said...

ezzat farhan: Thank you very much ezzat. :) Sampai juga you. I'll visit yours soon.