Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Krabi: Tourist Trap and Conversation

Assalamualaikum and Hi

As I promised, the continuation of my Krabi story mory (walaupun sudah 2 bulan berlalu, lel)

I safely landed at Krabi International Airport past 3pm. It's a small airport and surprisingly uncrowded, thus taming down my prior knowledge that Krabi has famous islands, blockbuster movie setting. However, I got more and more of the lavish feeling when looking at the cliffs on my way to Ao Nang.

Cat and Duck conversation.

Being one of the famous tourist place among the westerner gave me hope that they will be fluent in English. Or at least we can communicate without major problem. 

Despite that, my expectation crushed the minute I got into my taxi.

The conversation with my taxi driver was very chaotic. I didn't understand him and kept giving false replied (utterly irrelevant at a point) and he was insisting on continuing the conversation which led me to my first tourist trap.

(Mind that from airport to Ao Nang takes around 45 minutes)

He kept bugging me with questions on what I have planned or whether I know this and that. Tanya lah I dari mana. Khabar baik or not. 

Tommorow where?
Third day what you do?
You wanna go to Phi Phi island na kha? 
Phi phi island one day tomorrow? Ok na kha?

And so many questions ended with na kha na kha. He wasn't rude or anything. No. My first mistake was that I admitted of not having plan. He stopped at this one travel agency. At that point I'm not sure where I am, but I got the feeling that I'm still far from the city or beach as the shop is secluded. But it's a proper, fancy travel agency, nothing horror or creepy. 

Not even an hour in this beautiful place, I was boiling with frustration.

Tourist Trap

He went missing as soon as I entered the travel agency, leaving me with this uncle and here we goooo.... my first tourist trap. He started explaining to me all this packages, exciting places and the prices range from 2600baht to 3000baht. But I wasn't paying attention and wanted to get away quickly. He kept lowering the price. I guess that drove him to the edge and with furious cynical voice said  "You come here no plan".  Sedih I uncle.

As I continued the journey, the taxi driver again try to drive me to several travel agencies. I didn't cooperate this time and never leave the taxi. Mum and me again insisted on taking us to the hotel. Ni lagi satu hal... he wasn't so sure the location of the hotel. We ended up (all of us!) walking around to find the location.

Some travel information here:
1. Taxi from airport to Ao Nang cost me 600 baht.
2. Taxi ticket can be bought at the counter at the airport and from what I've seen the price is more or less the same from one counter to another.
3. Yes, they do have bus(cheaper) and van service (expensive).
4. The island trips that I bargained at travel agencies in Ao Nang cost around 1500baht to 2000baht.

Happy 8th Birthday!

On a different note, I would like to express my gratitude as this blog is entering its 9th year. Having immeasurable love towards language and dealing with it in my daily life, I always believe that words are a powerful tool of expression. Writing is my passion, albeit I seldom show it out there (put out to be read). 

I try to write everyday of everything. Sometimes the things we write does not really describe the person or situation but comes back to us as a writer. Let me put it this way, the more you write about someone/something, the more it reflects on you. 

Blogging is my alter ego and it has seen my childishness, anger, joy and countless other things. From Hello Kitty template to personal domain, from my 18 self to now....million thanks for taking your time to read, all of you! As human as I can be, this little of heart of mine have regretted some writing and at the same time cannot help but to ponder on things that should be written when I had the chance. 

Write more or write less. Both the spoken and unspoken words are treasured. 

Lots of love, Nuranne. 

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