Saturday, June 03, 2017

Yogyakarta (Jogja): Tour Guide

Assalamualaikum and hi.

Where should I start with my Yogyakarta (Jogja) trip.

The fact that it happened months ago, March to be exact. So before amnesia hits me, better update it now.

The fact that this is the first trip I went with my colleague.

Well..Jogja was super fun. I mean it in the most literal way, FUN. I hope my colleague feel the same way as I went overboard with the itinerary. Travelling without parents and willing partner in crime put you in a good rush. (woops, mum is reading this blog… it’s still a mystery how she got here in the first place)

Borobudur.... timeless against natural disaster and  men's greed.

We were in Jogja for five days. The first and last day were occupied with taking one flight to another as there is no direct route from Kota Kinabalu. Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Jogja will take 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Again… the typical me planned everything last minute. The tickets were bought in end last year. But the guide, itinerary were pretty much planned a day before.

Our guides initiated a lot of conversation. They were so funny and interesting. I really like hearing from the local although I always had this perception that guide who talk too much is annoying. But our Jogja guides proved it wrong. They initiated, super funny, chia chia chia kami di tengah hutan, shared interesting local stories. I gotta say, the best part about our Jogja trip is our guides.

You see, from previous experience, some guides barely talk. Several reasons crossed my mind, one it was a touristy place, thus the guide bosan cakap benda yang sama. Two, I paid so little that conversation was not included the package. Three, there was nothing to talk about. Four, I look bitchy the whole time, guide pun malas berbual. Whatever it was…. I'm good.

Thanks to our 3 days tour guide, Mas Lilik… conversation, myth, history, politic, pointing out that Malaysian women marry late, so carefree yet guiding at the same time and for being available despite last minute agreement.

Mas yang asyik pickup line dari masuk Goa Pindul sampailah ke hujung sungai…hahaha.

The one who was reminiscing his drinking days, guide di Taman Sari.

Mount Merapi’s guide who drove like a champ and fixed Jia’s flip flop.

And they were great in taking photos. 

Taman Sari... of bathing concubines and throwing flower.

Above photo is the result of our guide's suggestion, told me to pose like this and picked the best angle. Yepp.

Aku rapopo!

Patutnya ada gunung merapi belakang tu... tapi dia malu. 10000rp for photo taking on this heart shape platform. It's not for the faint heart. Orang yg jaga tempat ni boleh tolong you ambik gambar. You can also use props of quote written on wood which what I did in the photo. The quotes are in Javanese language or local slang and carry funny meaning. Tanya juga budak tu, apa makna quote quote tu... hopefully seperti yang aku faham. Kalau maksud yang bukan bukan, well, I'm oblivion to that!

Tour guide Yogyakarta (Jogja) contact number: +62 812 2750 6834 (Lilik)
Nombor telefon tour guide Yogyakarta (Jogja): +62 812 2750 6834 (Lilik)

Till then.

Selamat berpuasa.

Lots of love, N.

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