Monday, July 10, 2017

How to Make Blog Post's Cover Image


I've been using cover image for my blog post for quite some time now. I enjoyed taking photos and editing it later (Although editing picisan seja). Frequently, we took a lot of panoramic photos but we don't know what to do with it. At the end, tt stays in the folder. 

Time to take it out and make something useful out of it.


Cover image can be convenient and very multi purpose. Use the image to pin your post in social media such as Pinterest and Instagram. This saves your time from going through every photos just to pick the best. You can include the title, gist and link address. Another reason is it works as a watermark and header. 

It's a very good tools of advertisement. Attractive and informative. Definitely different as you can put personal touch on it. 

It is also content focus. Rather than choosing the best photo and putting the details in the caption, cover image serves both. Using a random photos could be ambiguos. Title on the other hand could be misleading or inadequate. Whereas, plain title might not be enough to attract readers.


It is best to start with the photo taking. If you are planning to write a blog/social media post on certain topic, make sure you spare some time to take photos to make your cover image. Clear the photo from too much noise, background details and dark colours. Make sure you set the area to put the wording. 

This is essential and the one installed in your Microsoft Word may not be enough. If you are up for some creativity, download Script or Fancy font and play along with the design. Make sure it is readable. I usually get my free fonts from

Panorama photo might be the best. Whereas flat lay works for social media pinning. If you don't have any clear image, use low contrast photo.

Background & Clip art.
If you don't have suitable image for your blog post, no worries. Use background or template. Clip art helps a lot. Get the arrow, flowers, icons, feathers with transparent background. Plenty freebies available online.


Well this is me saying imitation subtly.

For me, Pinterest is the best. So many creative people hanging out there.

Instagram is one way too, check out artsy, advertisement or creative content account.

Although I'm starting to think that blog is becoming irrelevant. But the amazing design of blogs is keep happening. Such an eye pleasing looking at those blogs (emm termasuk blog saya sendiri).

Hope this helps. Baii.


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