Sunday, November 05, 2017


Assalmamualaikum and Hi.

Lately I enjoyed having a quiet weekend.

I stayed at home most of the time, doing homey things and sleep. Plenty of it!

I don't think it's because of you know a certain stage of life. It just that, I always like doing domestic things despite a lover to the adventure.

So let me share with you some movies I watched this weekend. Maybe you want to check them out.

I picked this one because it is one of RM's movie recommendations. Although the overall feel of Pretty Woman (1990) glorifies materiliasm and  kinda 50 shades, yet it is one of the best romantic comedy I've seen. Such a golden classic. What captivated me the most is the notable dialogues (also the black cocktail dress and redhead mane). Even after 27 years, the lines still make sense and feel like taken straight away from our thoughts, which we often don't say. Though I kinda cringed when the ending mentioned of fairy tale, this movie is a sure thing!

I watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) too. This iconic high school movie was so-so for me. I guess I failed to relate most of it. When it comes to school's movie, we all have our instant classic that expressed our pop culture, fashion or trends. I'll probably go with Mean Girls. Some will say The Breakfast Club, Clueless, Glee or High School Musical.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)

and the last one that I watched is The Girl On Train (2016). This movie confused me at least in the first 20 minutes. The thriller somehow off balanced and confusing (did I say that?). The narrative in book probably has better details which is always the case when it comes to book-to-film adaptation. I never read it, I wanted too, but somehow I forgot about it and after watching the movie, I probably never will. 

The Girl on Train (2016)

One more I the only one that needs subtitle everytime? My friends think that is weird. Is it? Well I can't go on if there is no subtitle, even if it is an english movie. It's not that I don't understand...ermmm come to think of's quite strange.

Till then. Kisses, N.

Happy Monday!

p/s: song on repeat : What a feeling from Flashdance.

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