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Book Review: The Light between Oceans, Lolita, Divortiare

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Come to think of it, we are close to welcome the new year (this is drafted weeks's actually new year's eve already). I wanna share with you some of the books that I read early this year. Before Murakami confusion happened. All these notes are based on my journal writing, so the flow of this post may sounds a bit odd or off to you.

Title: The Light Between Oceans
Author: ML Stedman
Published Date: July 2012 
Price: RM29.90
Pages: 460 pages
Shop: Popular

The reason I picked this book is because of the movie trailer. Oh yes, another typical temptation of book to film adaptation. Someone showed me the trailer (which I couldn't remember who and I've asked every of my friend none of them knew about this) and said I might like it. Plus regular reasons of my books' choices such as best selling and heart wrenching family affair story. So I decided to read first before I watch the movie. 

I can't deny that I was agitating on how the author will end this. You see, the trailer clearly shows that the beautiful Sherbournes (Tom and Isabel) made bad decision of stealing a baby drifted to the shore of their isolated island where Tom worked as a lighthouse keeper. Isabel was tormented after few miscarriages and she believed that the baby was fate. They later found out that the mother of the baby is in agony and looking for her baby. This is a sure sad ending for me. How will the author centre the story of seeking refuge of losing child in someone's happiness. Will it be a fate escape? or God's will driven? 

I'm not going to get dragged under by the past.

Rating: 4/5 (simple, easy to understand and keep you going for the ending)

Title: Lolita
Author: Vladimir Nabokov
Published Date: 1955
Price: a second had book..Rm20 something
Pages: 360 pages
Shop: Online preloved bookshop (xsilap ada nampak di Popular, Times juga)

Lolita, the ever controversial work by Nabokov in 1955 was in my reading list this year. This erotic classic (yes you read it right) is notable for a story centered around the subject of Humbert, a middle aged professor fell in love with Dolores Haze (described as Lolita) a 12 years old girl. Yes! this is that pervert, sick, famous pedophile novel. Fell in love is too mediocre to describe the plot. There are sexual reference and upsetting affection. 

Now... writing about this could get me in trouble as so far I didn't state any view against reading this. Putting this in my book review is contradictory to that in the first place. I'm aware that this review could jeopardize my existence as a woman, teacher, potential super parent, wannabe Victoria's Secret creative team (or BTS's team).... well you get what i mean. For whatever reason you pick this book, let it be the sake of literature, mere curiosity, at the end of the day... you read what you want to read. For me I took this as a literature matter. That's all. That's it. 

and there are many brilliant-mind-blowing critic and review out there by authors/experts/scholars. But first you have to read the book.

She wrote poetry. She was poetically superstitous.

Rating: 4/5 (TIME magazine best 100 English language novels published from 1923-2005)

Hutan Pinus, Yogyakarta

Title: Divortiare
Author: Ika Natassa
Published Date: 2008
Price: 67 000rp (lebih kurang 20 ringgit)
Pages: 320 pages
Shop: Gramedia Plaza Amburrakmo Jogja

Nah ini bukunya yang dibeli ketika liburan di Jongja dengan mba ramziah. Waktu itu aku lagi buru-buru dari habis tour....sudah! sudah! tiba-tiba tukar indon. Another book in my collection from Indonesian author. Lately kalau pegi cuti, suka save duit sikit bikin beli buku. Suka juga tgk bookshop di tempat orang. Terus bisa juga mesan sama teman yang libur di luar negara (masih bunyi indon dikit di situ).

I gotta say I didn't expect to love this book so much considering it was a result of 15 minutes rushing in a bookstore, smelling like bat's shit (no kidding.. I just got out of a cave). I usually pick my book after careful consideration and since I didn't have internet access at that time, thus I have to rely on pleasing cover, gist written at the back, display/top shelf, because that's where the best seller is.

Divortiare revolves around Alexandra, a workaholic banker with bright future ahead until she divorced her husband, Beno, a successful doctor. Honestly the storyline kinda irritates me. Cerita egocentric yang masih lagi putar-putar kenangan, typical cannot move on. However the book is very well written and the wittiness got me hooked until the end. Reaching the Sic Infit chapter, I realized that this book gives such a good feeling, ngakak terus tu. Ab Imo Pecotre chapter had my basic instinct kicking in "How is this going to end". Finishing Amantas Sunt Amentes chapter had me so engulfed with the whole story. Unik kan nama-nama chapternya.

Masa iddah? Sejak kapan Wina the sexy fashion editor who spends four nights a week clubbing  dan mungkin kalau masuk mesjid langsung terbakar-jadi hafal hukum Islam sebegini?

Rating: 3.8/5 (witty)

Thanks for reading. What a long post! Sorry kalau serabut. Most of it from journal dulu-dulu. Just edit sikit. Semoga lebih banyak buku di tahun 2018.

Salam sayang N.

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